From VIBE Vixen — An old adage advises us to say what you mean and mean what you say at all times. No disrespect to the wise one who said it, but I’m positive this person didn’t live on planet Woman. And, frankly, in our little world, that rule just doesn’t apply to “Womanspeak”–the thing words and/or phrases women say in place of what they really mean.

Truthfully, men and women assert what they want to convey in different ways, so we Venus-ruled humans say things that are quite often misinterpreted or misunderstood. However childish you assume these snippets of banter to be, the little white lies are necessary for the dynamic between man and woman. You see, to protect her male cohorts from a hellish fury or to shade a few loser suitors, a Vixen must choose her words carefully. It’s often times sarcasm, a snarky rebuttal, playful discourse or simply words from a woman scorned, but either way, women speak a language that can often leave men wondering, “What the heck did she mean by that?”

Honestly, there are words of true meaning surrounding these little statements. Context clues (what you should have learned in your wonderful primary school English classes) within her lengthy conversations are dead giveaways to what she’s truly saying to you because, indeed, their is a meaningful message. Don’t be alarmed; there are a few women who are 100% forthcoming with blunt honesty, so they’re a little bit easier to read (when you find these treasured gems, let us know). But for the lot of us, we just want attention, and we use indirect meanings to get just that… or deflect unwanted attention. Is this manipulation? Of course not. Just call it our own vocal coding system.

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