Celebs love their TwitPics and this week budding fashion mogul Angela Simmons showed her followers her natural side. After taking out her weave, Simmons quickly snapped a picture of her HUMUNGOUSLY gorgeous mane.

Although I know many women love to rock weaves because they don’t want to bother with their hair, I wonder, why Simmons has been keeping her fly ‘fro under wraps?

As women, we are expected to look pulled together at all times…even when we don’t feel like it. While men claim to love “naturally beautiful” women, we all know it may take a little foundation, mascara, and gloss to pull it off. And the media, with their make-up tips, hair styling guides, and limitless fashion spreads, doesn’t exactly help either.

Even though looking flawless is FUN (and necessary at times), when is it just TOO much?


Ladies…do you ever feel pressured to be GLAMMED up at all times?  Sound off! 

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  • Elle

    Glam to me *can* be natural. You can be glam and still rock gorgeous natural hair, as long as you look stylish and feminine and well put together.
    To me, a fro on a woman is so damn feminine, so sexy, so beautiful. Angela looks gorgeous

    • Calidreaming86

      “You can be glam and still rock gorgeous natural hair, as long as you look stylish and feminine and well put together.”

      A woman can wear her hair in a natural state and look good doing it as long as she appears feminine?

  • Ravi

    I love her hair and I’m not a fan of makeup at all. Especially not foundation and gloss.

  • Tami

    I think Angela looks very pretty in that picture. I have girlfriends who wear weaves & wigs & they have nice hair. I always tell them they look better without the fake stuff on their heads but for some reason they don’t believe me. I am forced to wear wigs now, because in my younger years I wore tight braids & weaves that have wrecked my sides. Believe me, if I had hair like Angela’s I would be showing it off. As far as being glammed is concerned, I like looking nice, but my nice is just mascara & lip gloss & clothes that hug my body but are not too tight…

    • Mimi

      As someone with alopecia (hereditary), I too wear wigs. Since I have alopecia, the first thing I notice about women is their hair. This pic of Angela is simply beautiful!!!! I don’t even know why she would rock a weave with hair that gorgeous. If it were me, I’d want to show it off!! Au natural of course.