Photo Credit: Reuters

While NASA’s shuttle project may be out of commission but there are still plenty of space news to be excited about. Yesterday, the discovery of a new planet had many in the scientific community filled with excitement. And this is no ordinary planet. This planet is made out of a girl’s best friend.

Yes: scientists have found a planet made of diamonds.

Reuters reports:

Lying 4,000 light years away, or around an eighth of the way toward the center of the Milky Way from the Earth, the planet is probably the remnant of a once-massive star that has lost its outer layers to the so-called pulsar star it orbits.

Pulsars are tiny, dead neutron stars that are only around 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) in diameter and spin hundreds of times a second, emitting beams of radiation.

The measurements suggest the planet, which orbits its star every two hours and 10 minutes, has slightly more mass than Jupiter but is 20 times as dense, Bailes and colleagues reported in the journal Science on Thursday.


We’re not sure what this will ultimately translate to as the planet it far beyond the reach of current technology, but still- a planet millions times the size of Kim Kardashian’s engagement rock is hanging out in outer space just chilling. If nothing else, it’s pretty cool.

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  • df

    kinda sad that people can look at this and be interested because it has some type of immense monetary value here on earth..I totally get the excitement and the cool factor from a scientific aspect but people just lusting after it because it’s a diamond…yeah while people are being killed and treated inhumanely in search of diamonds on earth because of human greed..

    totally off topic but i have an awesome app that is astronomy pictures of the day and saw one where there was debris (TRASH) ejected from a mars rover that was just sitting on mars. Pretty much, we are already polluting mars…just…i can’t…

  • lish

    Wow a lot of Morale killers on here…its okay to be light hearted and silly sometimes!