It was supposed to be a goodwill gesture, but Georgetown University’s efforts to foster a relationship with an academic partner in China went a little awry when their men’s basketball teams ended up in a full court brawl during Vice President Joe Biden’s diplomatic trip.

Showing more aggressiveness than they did in any of their stateside games, the Georgetown Hoyas got into a brawl with their opposing team, the Bayi Rockets. The exhibition game got less than friendly when one of the Georgetown players made a steal and returned the ball to the other side of the court. From there a scuffle broke out between him and two members of the Rockets, whose players turned out to have a little bit of Ron Artest in them.

Seeing their fellow player shoved down on the ground, the remainder of the Georgetown boys came to his defense (just let me- you guys know we don’t get to do sports a lot on here!) and what you see in the clip below ensued.

While you couldn’t tell it from the brawl, the two universities, Georgetown and Fudan University, are actually growing quite close. According to The Washington Post, the two have been in partnership to booster study abroad programs:

Forging strong partnerships in China has been a part of Georgetown President John J. DeGioia’s ongoing effort to make his campus globally connected….In April 2007, Georgetown signed an agreement with Fudan University to continue to cooperate on research, student exchange programs and initiatives that would “foster greater mutual understanding between our two countries,” according to remarks DeGioia gave at a signing ceremony.


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