Apparently, freedom of speech only goes so far. A Houston woman was recently kicked out of a restaurant after she had some not so nice things to say about the bartender.

According to reports, Allison Matsu was having dinner at Down House in Houston when she began complaining about the restaurant’s usually impecable service. Apparently, she wasn’t too pleased by the bartender, calling him a “twerp” and using the hashtag #jackoff. As luck would have it, the restaurant’s general manager Forrest DeSpain was checking the establishment’s tweets, when he saw the disparaging comment. DeSpain then called the restaurant, spoke to Matsu and asked if she had anything nice to say, and proceeded to have her kicked out of the bar.

After being asked to leave, Matsu continued to tweet about her ordeal, saying: “Left @DownHouseHTX in tears after GM called up & asked the bartender to hand me the phone. He proceeded to curse a me & ask me to leave. Wow.”

When asked why he decided to have Matsu escorted out, DeSpain said he wouldn’t stand for anyone bullying his bartender.

Although most establishments pride themselves on bending over backwards to please customers, I guess in Matsu’s case, the customer was not always right.

What do you think? Should Matsu have been kicked out of the restaurant for her negative tweet?


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