Continuing her media blitz and general world domination, Beyonce graced the September issue of InStyle magazine.

In the latest feature, King B talks candidly about taking time off to enjoy life and working non-stop since she was a teen.

“I have no regrets because my job kept me focused. When you’re young—18 or 19—you have the energy and drive. That’s the time to work as hard as you can. Now I’m a woman, and because I gave it my all, I can focus on my marriage. I can decide I want to have kids. I can be the mother I want to be and dedicate myself to my children.”

Beyonce, who’s known as a workaholic says on those rare occasions when she has a little downtime, she just wants to chill.

“In my free time I prefer to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV,” she says. “I have to confess that my guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore.”

Oh and just in case you thought all of her girl-power anthems were for show, Bey says she can’t imagine her life without her female friends.

“I am a girl’s girl. Women who don’t have female friends scare me. I love my friends, and I love sitting with them and listening to their stories.”


Check out some behind the scenes footage of Beyonce’s InStyle photoshoot.

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  • Simone

    I believe Beyonce will get her wake up call when she has her first child. That will change the dynamics of her marriage in so many ways. And is it me or did Beyonce have work on her face?? She looks very different.

    • bosslady

      What do you mean by wake up call?? Of course having children changes the dynamic of a marriage, she did not dispute that in the interview…

  • ReAlLY?

    I have to totally disagree about the comment Beyonce made regarding being a girl’s girl. And if a women doesn’t have any female freinds, that scares her.


    Again I must say Really?

    She’s almost 30 years old, right. Has her intelligence has not grown at all. I understand that is her opinion, I get that. But for her to generalize all the time and with that statement, it makes me irked, that’s the only word I could come up with. She irks me at times.

    Does she not understand that every person’s relationship comes from different cirrcumstances, if a women doesn’t have ANY female friends, there could be something wrong, but to say you’re scared? Is she that stupid?

    Some women have had women do them wrong, in friendships, treat them badly, betray them, take their man or husband. Lie to them or on them, fight them, call them names.

    You get the point.

    Some women may have some trust issues with women but that does not mean they have given up entirely who not having any female friends.

    Clutch has an article talking about this very same thing. Beyonce really needs to open her mind, and stop making general statements that have no thought behind it.

    It’s getting bad. It’s been bad. You don’t know what a another women has gone through to make her decide that she doesn’t want any female friends or doesn’t have any at the moment. She could be accessing her inner circle and evaluating what type of people she wants to have in life, she could be going through a transition period.

    Who knows. But to judge like that? It makes no sense. Thoughts?

  • ReAlLY?

    Another point, is she trying to be friends with Farrah Franklin?

    Since she’s friends with everybody else from Destiny’s child.

    • bosslady

      @Girl, take a CHILL PILL!!!

      It is Beyonce’s OPINION, point blank. She is not saying EVERYONE should agree. Just like I have friends of different faiths, everyone’s perspective differs. In addition I agree with Beyonce to an extent, yes some women have had bad experiences with women, but women who always say how all women are “haters” are usually the one who bring so much drama and don’t speak to their once women friends, due to a man.

      That Farrah Franklin is stupid make you sound illiterate. Farrah was in the group for all of a hot minute. I’m sure they had not established a bond at that point. I’m sure you are not in contact with all your former co-workers, especially if you only worked with eachother briefly, in the same tlight Beyonce and Farrah are just former colleagues. The original members she has known most of her life, hence why she wants to reconcile the relationship.