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  • Miss Mickey

    Amber doesn’t look bad, but I voted ‘mess’, because it looks a little plain. Plus, Wiz makes her look bad. He just looks super grimey (all the time).

  • Kim Kardashian looks like she forgot her spanx.

  • Tifani

    I don’t think that was Kim Kardashian’s case at all!!!!!! If you look closely at her dress, you can see the line from them!!!!!!

  • Interested

    It makes me sick to see that Rose & Kardashian on here. There I said it.

    • just saying

      ummm, amber rose is cape verdean. maybe you should look up where those islands are located before you say she is not black. oh, and by the way lisa “left eye” lopes was also cape verdean, and would you not classify her as black as well?

  • chanela

    okay seriously. wtf is up with black websites obsessing over kardashian. wtf. every single black website covers that annoying sket. why dont they put pink,jessie j,adele,victoria beckham if you’re gonna cover non blacks? so because she dates black men that makes her a black woman now? because she has a fake butt that makes her black now? i really wanna know what the deal is. why do all the black websites obsess over her?