London and Paris are a fashion gal’s dream. Get an inside look at some of Europe’s most influential bloggers in fashion. Because we love sharing our fabulous finds with you, we put together a list of our favorite style and beauty blogs from overseas.

1. Snow Black

Natasha Ndlovu is a gorgeous Zimbabwean blogger, photographer, and model. The now London-based beauty shares her life of fashion, traveling and humor with us. Looking for fashion inspiration or need something to laugh about? Then you most follow Snow Black through her journey in style.

2. Trashy Gobs

Dami Simmons is a Nigerian blogger based in London who is in love with fashion. Currently, she’s studying fashion marketing, while keeping us up-to-date with all of her daily wears. We are sure this rising style blogger will make it big in the industry. We just love her unique and funky style.

3. Tailors Stitch

Anne of Tailors Stitch is a London based fashion enthusiast who blogs about all things fashion, beauty and whatever else she’s interested in at the moment. Her style is chic, girly, and always new. Want inspired style? Anne is your girl!

4. Paris Most Wanted

The blog, Paris Most Wanted, was started by two childhood friends whose mission was to spread their love for fashion to anyone who listened. Their goal has always been to stay true to their personal style and reflect their diversity and aesthetic sense. These lovely ladies reside in the capital of fashion, Paris, and continue to create looks while breaking barriers in style.

5. Meek~N~Mild

If you have never heard of Shirley of Meek~N~Mild, you are truly missing out. Shirley, a fashion blogger from London will undoubtedly become your personal style and beauty guru. She does it all! Not only does she provide the best in fashion and styling, but she also does her own photography. Need a little fashion inspiration? Trust us, she’ll never steer you wrong.

6. Follow Me In 5 Inch Heels

Promise of Follow Me in 5 Inch Heels is a 20-year-old fashion student from London. She may be young, but she knows her fashion. She’s obsessed with reading magazines and shopping. Follow her blog for outfit inspiration, as well as beauty advice and hair tips.

It’s always a treat discovering new style bloggers worth noting! Share with us some of you favorite fashion bloggers from London and Paris.

-Chelsey Wilkins

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