Boris Kodjoe was just the latest celeb to cause a bit of Twitter drama over the weekend, but instead of using his timeline to fire off negative tweets toward his followers, he used platform to educate and inspire women to get healthy.

After tweeting about a nightmare about an overweight woman, many wondered if Kodjoe had a problem with thick sisters.

He tweeted: Like a baby. Had nightmares though about 300 pound women in thongs gnawing on chicken wings while grinding on me. Scary.

Immediately, women shot Kodjoe angry tweets, questioning what he was really trying to say. Kodjoe reassured them he loved all ladies—short, dark, tall, light, big, and small—but wanted more Black women to be healthy.

He cited the statistics, and began discussing how weight contributes to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and began giving tips for his followers on how to live a healthier life.


Kodojoe also challenged Black women (who make up the majority of his fan base), to stop making excuses for being fat.

Although Black women’s relationship with weight is far more complicated than Kodjoe made it seem, everyone can benefit from his advice to live healthier lives.


How do you define what’s ‘healthy’? Do you use weight, BMI, dress size or some other measures? 

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  • This is not the time to take things personal. Blacks are dying at an alarming rate due to their unhealthy eating habits. Why are you ganging up on Boris for telling the truth. There should be no excuses to be obese. It’s unhealthy and killing our people. From diabetes to breathing issues. LOSE THE WEIGHT AND STOP WITH THE EXCUSES. Get inspired by buying Words of Wisdom for Warriors and Stories of Encouragement by EM.EM. Genesis. Buy on,barnes&,

  • Chad

    It REALLY aggravates me when people try to defend obesity. People say “Just because you’re obese, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unhealthy”. That’s like saying “Just because you smoke a pack a day, doesn’t mean you’ll get lung cancer”.

    Sure, you CAN smoke for decades and never get cancer, just like you can be 100 pounds overweight, and never die of a heart attack…just like you can speed 30 miles over the limit every day, and never have an accident.

    However…it’s about RISK.

    An obese person is at much higher risk for heart attack, stroke, etc than someone of normal weight.

    A smoker is at much higher risk of lung cancer than a non smoker.

    Speeding 30 OTL, will place you at higher risk of losing control of your car and crashing, than if you were going 60.

    Seriously…it’s about time people stopped defending obesity.

    • Guest

      who asked you?

  • Michelle

    How come I’m just now hearing about this! I agree with everything he said! I see big women making crazy faces at me from their big ol SUV’s while I’m running in winter weather at 6:30 am. I’m like don’t look at me all crazy, you should be out here, too. And especially when I’m running on Sunday and people are speeding by me rushing to church. Last time I heard– gluttony was a sin right? I’m just saying a lot of black women make TOO many excuses for being what they call “curvy” or “thick.” I’ve been saying what he’s been saying for years!

    • Guest

      it’s none of your business, though