Say what you want, but I will be a Brandy fan for life. Her husky alto, ability to crank it out sans production and even my guilty pleasure Moesha, all made me an avid follower up to today. And while the star has not given fans new material in a while, the wait may not be for that much longer.

According to The Los Angeles Times‘ music blog, Pop & Hiss, Brandy has inked a recording deal with RCA Records and Breyon Prescott’s Chameleon Records after splitting with Epic Records. Her 2009 album, “Human” did not have commercial success and was subsequently her only release before she was released from the label. Brandy’s attempts to get back to a major label were seen in her reality show with her brother, “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business.”

Now having landed the deal at RCA, Brandy joins the company of high profile artists like Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake (speaking of, when will this boy come back from fashion and give us some more music?), Christina Aguilera and Chris Brown. Brandy will have a lot to prove with her next album, which is tentatively slated for early release next year.

Though the pressure is on, Brandy’s new family at RCA has nothing but kind words for her in their statement on the deal. Peter Edge, chief executive of RCA Music Group said:

“Throughout her career, Brandy has consistently won the vote as everyone’s favorite female vocalist. I am sure that in her next chapter at RCA and in partnership with Breyon Prescott, we will record her most exciting music to date.”

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  • nef

    Afrodisiac was her best and most revolutionary album!Human was the biggest crap she ever recorded, PERIOD! I mean, this gurl is R&B and not some pop doll tryna use music to make money. I still think she is magically gifted, but baby, get ur ass back to the rootz. Provide ur fans with some dope ass vocalz, catchy melodies with the best add-lips a female vocalist can give! I cant wait!! If she tries to be commercial, she will fail. Cant wait bran!!

  • African Mami

    Loves Brandy wish her all the best. But, the one thing that has bothered me throughout my life about her, and especially after tuning in to her family reality show was the fact that Brandy was/is DESPERATE to find a man. Of which, that nasty Florida hairy weather dude thought he was too high and mighty after having released some dance hits (can’t even remember the name of the songs). It was afro-breaking to see Brandy being publicly denied by this idiot. OUCH! Brandy deserves love. There is a dude on here, who calls himself Intellect something, I’m vouching for you to be her lover. You seem like a nice dude!

  • aisha adamu

    I luv brandy so much,am her big fan but I don’t really know much about her. I would luv to know her luv story please,any body?