Bridget Kelly, Roc Nation’s newest “it” girl, is a certified star. The New York native, is quietly turning heads with her lead single, “Think About Forever,” which was penned by super-producer-in-the-making, Frank Ocean.

The track, which speaks of  the possibility of spending your life with another, is driven by Ocean’s smooth keyboards, sparse drums, and Kelly’s strong and haunting falsetto.

If Kelly’s live, acoustic version of “Thinking About Forever” is any indication of what’s to come, music lovers are in for an absolute treat.

Check out out Bridget Kelly doing what she does best. What say you, love it or leave it alone? 

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  • Not a Hater

    Not feeling this joint at all. Not sure who picks the music to promote on this site, but most of the songs that you guys promote simply aren’t bangers. Step up your “finding good artist” game up. She is good, but she is average. The production is average. Nothing to really promote.

    And please don’t hit me with “you’re just a hater” comment. That’s just weak and intellectually lame. Most black music sucks or is average at best these days and this is no different.

    Bring back real R&B/Black music…….Please.

  • Unique_one

    She can sing! I like her style.

  • alightinthedark

    No doubt, Bridget Kelly, who I never heard of before a few minutes ago, has a nice voice. I just listened to Frank Ocean’s version, the young man who wrote the song, and he’s got this locked down tight and makes it shine. And so do more than a few youtube amateurs who have flipped this song so many ways its mind boggling. This won’t be the song that puts Bridget on the map because its in my opinion, lackluster. The song itself is beautiful, so I suggest you keep your connection to Frank Ocean. He is definitely a gifted songwriter. Best of luck to you Bridget.

  • Ok, I’m sure its been said time and time again. But two words…….FRANK OCEAN, his version (WHICH HE WROTE) leaked by “mistake” last summer, and the phrase “everything happens for a reason” has never rang soo true because it has since become a internet hit!! I just came across this Bridget kelly person, and her version doesn’t even come close to what frank did. But she CAN sing her ass off!! My advice is to pick a different song to put out as your first single. Love your voice, and hope to hear more from you in the future. psss.. frank, I hope you put this out as your first single off your debut album. Its already a hit online, I would love to see this #1 on the billboard charts one day :)