Social media can be good for many things, but broadcasting a meeting of dozens of gang members? Not so much.

This was the lesson that several New York Crips learned when NYPD got wind of their attempts to organize a “Crips Holiday.” The members had posted updates on Twitter and several other social media networks that other gang members were to meet up at Amersfort Park in East Flatbush, Brooklyn last Wednesday. Thanks to their very public notifications, the Crips got not only the attention of other members but of the NYPD’s Gang Unit, officers from the 63rd Precinct, the borough task force and the Emergency Service Unit as well.

According to Mashable:

Police officers told the crowd — largely dressed in blue shades affiliated with the gang — to leave the park, but the group refused. That’s when the police arrested 56 of them. While police said they didn’t know what the alleged gang members’ intentions were, a 9-mm. Taurus pistol was discovered in the park.


An officer who arrived at the scene told The New York Daily News:

“We don’t know exactly what their intentions were, but a gun was recovered. The potential for danger was there.”

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  • kt

    dumb people doing dumb things with smartphones!!!!

  • BluTopaz

    Oh good, now when the Bloods want to arrange their next little get together via Facebook, the police anti-gang unit can sweep in and arrest their dumb azzes too. But honestly, info like this should not be released to the media. Why give thugs a heads up..

    • ThisIshRightHereNinja

      smh. When will these folks learn? Real gangstas don’t have broadband!

    • BluTopaz

      lol–right?! They ain’t keepin’ it reeaaaallll