In his first extensive interview in five years, comedian Dave Chapelle sat down with California’s Wild 94.9 and explained why he allowed himself to be heckled off stage at a charity gig this past July. He stated that when he came on stage “the YouTube extravaganza began” as the guests in the front pulled out their cell phones and taped him in hopes that he would have an offensive on stage moment a la Michael Richards. Hmmm…He also discusses Kanye West’s introduction to television audiences via his Chapelle’s Show and his lack of interest in doing another show.

PS: who is the lame dude on the left? “Did you follow Alicia Keys backstage? Cause her backside is ridiculous!” Good day, sir.

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  • The interviewer is a sarcastic punk, indeed. Quit talking ish about Ohio, dog. You sound mad dumb and know NOTHING about how we gets down.

    Anyways, its nice to see Dave back on the scene. He seems like a cool dude. And I actually respect that fact that he is living in his home state, because he could easily live in Hollywood like every other celebrity but obviously he wants to live in a normal and relaxed area.