So it’s Wednesday. That day of the week when it seems things are moving as slow as the last half of Inception. And while we cant speed up the clock for you, we can give you a heads up on a few helpful websites to help you streamline the tasks ahead and get through the day.


Working on a group project but email chains taking up most of your time? Creat.ly allows several users to work collaboratively on visual projects like flow charts, diagrams, etc. Plus the chat feature is as easy as Gchats interface.

Remember The Milk

This website that allows you to make your daily to-do list as well as print and add them to your calendar.


This site allows you organize out the clutter in your head with a calendar, to-do list, color coded labels and even a page just for thoughts to tuck away for later.


It’s not a new app but Evernote is a classic for cultural hoarders like myself. See a print you love? Find a new author you want to know all about? Store it with Evernote’s easy notes and keep the links, PDFs and images you don’t want to forget.


This app allows you to set up an automatic email reminder by CC-ing (X) amount of hours @followupthen and forwarding it along. In (X) amount of hours you are sent a reminder to follow up about the email you couldn’t get to right then.

Bonus: Get It Done 

 This website is the motherload in terms of productivity.  From a synched calendar, to do list, digital post it notes and email capabilities, Get It Done syncs with your phone and calendar to help you make sure nothing slips through the tracks.

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