On June 26,  James Craig Anderson stood near his car in a parking lot just before sunrise, when two carloads of crazed White teens chose him as the victim in their plan to find and harm a Black person. They took to Jackson, Mississippi to carry out their horrific plot; upon spotting Anderson, they hopped out their cars, beat him and screamed “White power!” and other hateful racist language. And then a group of the kids climbed back into their truck, hit the gas and ran the man over. He died instantly.

CNN reports that the Hinds County District Attorney is convinced that the crime was racially motivated and will prosecute the monsters using surveillance footage that covered the entire thing. Yes, you read that right. These dumb pieces of you-know-what killed an innocent man on videotape. The ringleader is said to be 18-year-old Deryl Dedmon, Jr., of Brandon, Mississippi, who drove the Ford F250 green pickup over the defenseless Anderson. He is facing consecutive life sentences for the murder, which he allegedly boasted about to the teens in the other car: “I ran that nigger over!”

After a night of partying, Dedmon allegedly told his friends “let’s go f*ck with some n*ggers”; the group travelled sixteen miles from their community to the largely Black western-area of Jackson. District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith maintains that the young man “was not remorseful… he was laughing, laughing about the killing.”  Dedmon’s friend John Aaron Rice, has been charged with simple assault, for his part in the assault, but not the murder. No pleas have been entered yet and the other teens have not been charged.

Anderson’s family was originally notified that the 49-year-old had been killed in a hit and run and only later had to deal with the additionally devastating news that he had been murdered in a hate crime. His sister has denounced the low bond- only $50k- set for Dedmon.

Excuse me, but if two groups of teens planned to go assault an innocent man, why are only two being charged? While Dedmon alone may have made the decision to floor his vehicle and kill Anderson, there should be consequences for all of his accomplices. Again, look at post-racial America…

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  • Yapyap

    While I find this crime shocking and abhorrent, black on white murder still statistically dwarfs the reverse pattern. Blacks still statistically commit more hate crimes than whites, EVEN THOUGH hispanic hate crimes are grouped as white hate crimes, while hispanics are preserved as a victim group. The pattern is simply not obvious to the cudd chewing white public because media outlets sing any white on black crime to the moon, even fabricating faux “hate crimes” such as the Jena 6 fraud and the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax, while black on white crimes usually only get local coverage, if at all. That being said, this was a horrific crime, but spare me and yourselves the moral grand-standing.

  • Sigunnia

    This is absolutely horrible that this type of horror still happens in this country. Its sickening, its horrible. I don’t care if the person is white, black, pink, orange or whatever …. this is wrong. Why do their parents teach them this hate? WHY? You know everyone, if I cut my arm and I cut your arm, our blood would be the same color, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter what the pigment of your skin is, we are supposed to be all human.

  • kelsey napolitano

    Really im only 15 and i can see this is wrong yea america still has a lot of racism going on black white mexican whatever but dont take sides if they commited it jail them its on camera now what if it was a black man kiling a white man?ASAP jailed just because america is majority white does mean we rule america is suppose to be free where all races could come togather.Im white and my family raised me to be racist and said if i had a mixed child they wouldnt except it but its your choice im not racist my bf is mixed whith idian black whit and mexican and hes the most beautiful person i know.Please stop the judgement and racistm.

  • BigBlueBall

    If you hav never been 2 MS….black people rarely win…especially in