Lets face it, its kind of cool to see more of us rocking the natural do. A lot of women are now willing to make it work! And it can be liberating to re-discover your hair and build a relationship without any cover-ups or disguises. But be warned, this is not necessarily the answer to all your prayers or the end of all your hair woes. The battle rages on. Only this time the elements are somewhat threatening since for some of us, getting acquainted with our natural texture is like walking into unfamiliar territory.

Texture is the key word. We all have variations of that word so depending on what you are working with you could have an easy transition or you could find yourself working harder than ever to make the good hair days outnumber the bad ones.

Natural hair especially the kinky tightly coiled type tends to be extremely dry and constantly craving moisture so the myth about perms and colors being the main reason why our hair dries out is out the window. Even your natural hair can absolutely rebel against you if its not well conditioned and moisturized. The tighter the curls, the more sensitive and surprisingly weak the hair tresses tend to be so the other popular belief that natural hair is so strong that it can take almost any kind of abuse including permanent color is not quite true. I can personally attest to that!

The process of going natural is one that can make or break you. It literally turns into this turbulent love affair. The good days are absolutely fantastic and the bad days are frustratingly bad. You will have moments of undeniable bliss and moments of pure hell. Bad hair days that involve natural hair can easily make you almost call out of work or cancel a date whereas relaxed hair for the most part can be somewhat tamed. But through it all it’s important that you realize that natural hair vs. processed hair is another mythical battle. The truth is that going natural is by no means better or healthier than having a relaxer or a texturizer. And sorry to bust the bubble out there but texturizers actually process the texture of your hair to some degree so your hair is not really in its “natural state”. Natural hair is hair that is devoid of any chemicals that can potentially alter your curl pattern.

The point is that no matter what lane you choose to cruise on, you can still accomplish the same goal of nice, long, strong luxurious hair as long as you give your head of hair the attention and care it deserves and needs. Having natural hair can be fun and rewarding but be prepared for what comes with dealing with your particular hair type and don’t beat yourself up if you decide that its not for you. Hair is an accessory so you have permission to change it up and settle on a style that works for you. Either way looking FAB is the objective! Be it ‘fro or sleek.

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