Yesterday Jennifer Hudson, our sweet, sweet Clutchette, went straight back to her Southside Chicago roots and went OFF on a Twitter follower.

Feeling like interacting with her fans, J-Hud took it to the tweets to answer a few questions. But one fan’s inquiry set her all the way off.

Curious about her weight loss, one fan wondered if Jennifer’s dramatic change came as a result of surgery. She tweeted, “Did you get surgery to assist in your weight loss? Or is it all weight watchers?”

Maybe J-Hud was having a bad day, or maybe she was just sick of the question, either way, she went off.

“Pls don’t ask me no more dumb ass questions . If u try ww u would know u don’t need any assistance . U people r so brain wash,” she tweeted.

After that, the tweets and insults were flying, and neither woman came out looking too good.

This morning, J-Hud stopped by Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot show to discuss her charitable efforts, her amazing weight loss, and how she got into a Twitter scuffle with her fan.

When asked about the heated Twitter exchange, Hudson explained:

“I don’t know why, but somewhere along this weight loss people forgot that I am from Chicago. But it’s not even that. It’s to me…it’s when you know it’s me on there. I literally sit and I talk to my fans all the time, so you know it’s me and you know you’re talking to me. And I feel as though, don’t say nothing to me on Twitter that you not gonna say to my face. I don’t know, somewhere along the lines, people think they can talk to celebrities any kind of way…we are people, too. Just the same as you want your respect we want ours.

It’s not just what you say but how you say it, so excuse me guys, I lost my celebrity religion for a second, give me a second and I’ll be right back.”

Although I understand Jennifer’s need to be treated like a human being, engaging in petty spats on Twitter do little to protect the brand she’s worked so hard to build.

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  • As a sister with crows feet, knocked knees, laugh lines AND stretch marks, I think Miss 1984Lips4Daze should pray that nature is as good to her. Because it sho-nuff could be worse.

    • whilome

      You ain’t never lied…

  • Sara

    That was some hater whose intention was to aggravate Jennifer to begin with. Jennifer let her get under her skin, but what that person said is really mean and worse than Jhud’s reply. People are making Jennifer’s reaction worse than it is. That hater was really cruel in what she wrote and much worse.

    • Kya

      She asked her a question? She did not accuse her. Is Jennifer Hudson above being asked a question. There are ways to handle yourself and ways not to handle yourself if you’re a public figure. This isn’t the way. What ever happened to just say no.

  • Kya

    Apparently that question has been asked many times before and hits on a hot button. Weight Watchers will not like or appreciate the negative publicity she’s getting over this. Jennifer Hudson is a celebrity who is paid to project a certain image. This is not it.

    I would guess that there is more to this than what we know right now. Unusual behavior, extreme weight loss and who knows what else. Careful now Jennifer, you could have that Oprah gene and gain that weight back like nothing; then who’ll love you? Not the fans you’re going off on. More to come on this one.

  • “Your cd hit six feet so the only way you getting paid is to starve and rotate them tired as WW commericials.”

    LMAO! Right or wrong that ish was funny! And, I don’t get it, so what she from Chicago, SO WHAT, u can still get you a$s whoop too! Clearly, JHud lost that battle, ole girl went in on her and never let up!

  • KD

    LOL!!! This is why I don’t do twitter or care that much for Jennifer Hudson! First off, I don’t understand why people want to have the spotlight ( be famous) and then get all pissed off when someone says something to you that you don’t like, that’s the way of the world and people are just people. With that being said, just like other people have said, she could have easily blocked the girl ( cause if you can do it through email and facebook) I’m sure there’s a “block” button on twitter. And both parties sounded real uneducated and hood when there was really no need to be.