Sexy beast Lenny Kravitz tapped his Black Jew bredren Drake to collaborate on a track for his upcoming album Black and White America. Don’t come looking for Zoe’s dad to serve his much loved Hendrixesque guitar performances: “Sunflower” is a breezy, drum and bass-inspired tune. Nice for riding around on a pretty day or to serve as the soundtrack for some Saturday morning house cleaning. Drake’s verse is cute. It works and he doesn’t sing at all. Look at God!

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  • I’m just saying

    Okay, now if this was written by a white author would we have a problem with them calling Lenny a sexy “beast” or am I just too critical. I dunno “I’m just saying”

  • Did the words ‘black Jew bredren’ really need to be added? I don’t think so

    • I’m just saying

      Tru dat

  • moi

    ^ lol. you know you need a break from the internet when….

  • sli

    “It works and he doesn’t sing at all. Look at God!” Lol, somebody got jokes, huh?
    Um, “this video is no longer available.” Oh, well.