Model Muse: Fatima Siad

Height: 5’9.5

Age: 24

Measurements: 32-22.5-36

Agency: New York Model Management

Where We’ve Seen Her: The long-legged beauty placed third on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10 but we’ve seen her in a bevy of editorial spreads including Essence, CosmoGirl, Ebony, Women’s Wear Daily and Elle. No stranger to the runway, Fatima has walked in shows for Betsey Johnson and Michael Angel. She is also featured in the newest ad campaign for Nars Cosmetics.

Why We Love Her: The Somali-Ethiopian model is stunningly beautiful. Her rich coca-colored complexion and exotic facial features are just a small part of her beauty. Her tiny waist and long gams have us going crazy with jealousy.

Random Fact: Fatima attended Bryn Mawr College in 2004, attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA for one year in 2006, and then transferred to New York University, pre-med (also to study political science).

Her Words:

“I don’t want to be known as ‘Baby Iman.’ I want to make a name for myself.” (in regard to Iman comparisons)

-Krystal Franklin

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  • Let and East African person come in here and say that “OUR WOMEN LOOK BETTER THAN WEST AFRICAN WOMEN”

    And suddenly ya’ll will want to throw away Fatima – and u’ll be frantically searching google for some pretty west african women – that u should have been searching for in the first place.

    Now suddenly, u’ll be trying to prove the opposite. How many of you are going to simply concede to the point? YEA EAST AFRICAN WOMEN BLOW WEST AFRICAN WOMEN OUT THE WATER.

    See I know ya’ll will never do that – even though ur actions of being enamored with these East African women for years would support that very idea of who u think is TRULY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL BLACK WOMEN. East African women.

    • Wow is all I can really say! East African’s are BLACK, African American’s are BLACK, West Africans are BLACK, black Latinos i.e Zoe Saldana are BLACK! We’re all blacks so what’s the problem with appreciating our variety? I’ve seen all types of black women on Coco and Creme yet when they decide to write about someone that isn’t African American or may be mixed with another race, there’s always someone like you talking about how African American women aren’t considered to be beautiful etc.

      Let it go please!

    • curious

      the first model muse post was done about a west african model: http://cocoandcreme.com/2010/07/model-muse-georgie-badiel/
      and coco and creme does posts on all types of black models from all over the world; no one is prizing one over the other. you don’t have to have society, or anyone at all for that matter, agree with you to be beautiful. and simply denying a person their heritage because for one reason or another you don’t approve doesn’t make it a valid claim.

      and how can you say they aren’t really black when they’re still negroid? african descent IS negroid, it just happens to come in more forms than people realize.

    • curious

      and lastly, black men don’t decide what makes ANY woman of ANY race beautiful. no one does. they, and you, can either agree or disagree, but neither of you are the final say-so.

  • Boho.Barbie

    I couldve sworn she was a young Iman in that first pic!

  • Claire


    This is ridicuolous that someone of such little knowledge speaks of East Africa… by any chance have you been there??? I have, am from there actually, your speaking of Somalian or Ethiopian girls but they don’t all look like Fatima Said. All people have beauty in their own ways.

    I am east African and as dark as Kelly Rowland, and honestly, most of us are not as petite as models. Your entire view of beauty is quite messed up. I’ve read your posts and its quite sad. I’ve not people to America, which is where I assume your from, and am shock as we have the impression here that African Americans stick together. We just don’t have the same issues here, any black man here, would love a sister who looks like a woman.

    Tanzanians, Kenyans, Somalians, Ugandans etc, are black and eat Africans, what you are saying is you prefer white women with brown skin. Right? I Africa we embrace our differences, we are one people, all with the same struggle. Admittedly the whole light skinned vs dark skinned is a new issue for us, but ultimately in a continent as hot as Africa, everyone has a deep complexion.

    So before you speak, make assumptions etc, know what your speaking about, we are all people, deserving of love and companionship. Just because your brainwashed by hip hop videos, don’t inflict that on us. I actually pity the issues that men like you give their daughters, what is she doesn’t fit into your mould of western beauty??

    Plus Fatima Said is black and beautiful.

  • AustralianGirl


    Thank you.

    sargewp is a troll. We’re all on here simply admiring another beautiful African woman (what a stunner this one is!!), and here sargwerp comes with their negativity.

    The continent of Africa has many different skin shades and facial features, and its nice to admire the variety.
    I live in Melbourne, Australia and nearby myself, we have heaps of Horn of Africa descent people who came here as refugees: Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somalian, Sudanese. Beautiful!
    Then myself, who is a ‘Cape Coloured (mixed-race)’ South African born woman. All from Africa, all beautiful in our own ways.


  • Claire

    @ Australia Girl – totallyu agreed!!