There’s something about Wednesdays.

Maybe it’s because it’s the halfway through the work week, maybe I’ve been indoctrinated too heavy on the mid-week hump but something about waking up on Wednesday morning is always different than any other. It’s halfway between Monday’s fresh resolutions and Friday’s get me outta here like T-Mobile and Dwayne Wade. It’s not particularly suited for a big

But what happens when everyday feels like a Wednesday? What do you do when you don’t feel fresh, shiny and new and you’re not close enough to the end of your trial?

Remember that Wednesday is just a label and that if you want to, today can be day one. Day one is the start of you claiming a new season. You may not be able to change all the things that are coming against you and you probably cant just drop all the baggage you have now. But what you can do is make a commitment to bring a new attitude into your old surroundings.

Sometimes the key to change is perspective. Switching the seat your sitting in can give you a totally different vantage point on the trials you’ve been embroiled in and the challenged that seem to have you pinned. While you may not be able to declare all of the issues in your life to be gone, you can definitively say that you won’t let them keep you from changing your state of mind.

Today, declare it day one and no matter how small- make the change you know you can.

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