There’s this old George Jones song my dad used to love to sing called “Choices.” And though I hated that he would blast it through every speaker he had set up in our house, there is some truth in that song.

Lately, I’ve been focused on the choices. By nature I’m more emotional so I’d rather expound on why and how than deal with the issue at hand. But eventually the time comes when you have to decide. And though life is complicated, choices are at their root simple. Stepping out of your shell, closing a chapter, letting someone go, letting someone in. There all choices.

Hard, but simple.

While I had most of the past 20 years to play (album) on repeat, what I wasn’t prepared for were the things I had no say in at all. As many lists, career advising sessions and mini 5 year plans, I came up with nothing I drew up could have predicted the past year of my life. From deaths of people loved to this recession form the pits of hell, many of the major things that have shaped choices in my life have been though no decisions of my own.

And while it would be easy for me to look back and see the unfortunate side of things, I am more amazed by the blessings I could have never imagined. And perhaps that’s the balance that makes up a beautiful life- that when we feel like we have no say in the matter- what we receive is better than anything we could have thought of on our own.

Today, continue making the best choices you can but know that you’ll be given some of the best blessings when the decision is out of your hands.

And just for your Friday amusement, here is said George Jones song:

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