Last week the Obama Administration instituted a new immigration policy that would review all 300,000 pending deportation cases and decide which cases would be fast tracked for removal. The new policy would attempt to highlight “high priority” cases and focus the already-strained efforts of immigration officers on deporting those individuals.

Individuals would qualify as a “high priority” if they have a lengthy criminal history or a serious felony, have been deemed a national security threat, are members of a gang, or have multiple immigration violations.

The new initiative would allow the Obama Administration to spare some of the undocumented immigrants it attempted to protect with the failed Dream Act legislation. The Dream Act, which was defeated by mostly Republican opposition last year, would have allowed young people who came to this country as children and are either enrolled in college or  serving in the military to pursue a pathway to citizenship.

While critics argue that President Obama’s stance on limiting the deportation of young people amounts to amnesty, others argue that the policy would not only allow families to stay intact, but also provided needed opportunities to young people who have already demonstrated they are productive members of society.

Despite what side of the debate you fall on, one thing is clear: President Obama’s new immigration policy will play well with Hispanic voters–a very important demographic–next fall.


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  • Laina

    The reality of the situation is immigration has had a major impact on African Americans, particularly African American men. This has always been the case in this country. Blacks lost jobs to European immigrants before and now the are losing jobs to immigrants of color. In certain areas, the construction work, factory work, fast food workers, hotel workers, janitors are all jobs that have gone to immigrants of color. Once those groups get in and some move up in management, they tend to be clannish and only hire their kind. Also, because many of the workers don’t speak English, the requirement for management level positions is the ability to speak Spanish. Immigrants of color that own business also don’t hire Blacks even when their customer base is majority African American.

  • Amber Perez

    Why do people say that illegals dont pay taxes? Well they do get taxes (federal,med. and state) taken out of their checks each week just like us! They can also file income taxes at the end of the year so whats the big problem?