Just one week after giving birth to baby number six, L-Boogie was back on the stage performing at the L.A. Rising festival over the weekend.

Although childbirth can be taxing, Lauryn looked and sounded amazing. Dressed in knee-high white books, a flowery skirt, white bra top, and blue blouse, Lauryn didn’t look like she’d just had a baby a week ago. Talk about bouncing back!

Her performance came as a surprise to fans because a few months ago Lauryn announced she’d be taking some time off to have her baby, but it looks like she’s back. Ms. Hill is scheduled to hit the road later this month for the Rock the Bells Tour where she’ll be performing her entire “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” album. Can’t wait!

Check out Lauryn Hill performing “Ready or Not” over the weekend at the L.A. Rising Festival. 

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  • she looks better than the last time I seen her….much better….she looking good.

  • Aura

    Wow, she does sounds fantastic! best I’ve heard her so far! maybe all the baby drama needed to be over, and now she’s back in more form.

    Go Lauryn. Congrats on the baby!

  • Wow! She looks….”normal” again. She needs to drop another album. I respect the Miseducation of LH but, at some point there has to be something else. That point was YEARS ago for me. I can barely stand to listen to any songs from that album anymore.

  • LurkerG

    She looks STUNNING. Love the blowout.

  • I’m ready for some new music. Love her classics, but ready…