I’ve been drinking for over a decade and I’m still a few years short of thirty. We start young where I’m from and while I’d never brag about the time I got drunk at school and almost got kicked out of Algebra class, there is a small part of me that is glad I got good and comfortable drinking before I was 21 and that most of my totally embarrassing “I’m too wasted” moments happened before I graduated college.

I like to drink. Drinking is awesome. I enjoy wine (PS: the next instillation of our wine guide is coming next week!) and occasionally beer (it makes me too full to drink more than one in a sitting), but I am a hard liquor girl through and through. As much as I love rum punches and margaritas and other fruity libations, I’m totally happy with gin and tonics, too. Yum, yum, yum

What’s this piece about again? Cause I’m just sitting here daydreaming about liquor. I can’t help it, I love it. I love booze, booze, booze, booze/if he was my man, I’d buy him some shoes/and stuff…

…Um, anyway. It’s cool to enjoy drinking and spending time in bars/clubs/parties with a full cup. However, many of us- be we 19, 29 or a bit older-still need a gentle reminder about minding our intake levels, especially when out in public. Let me tell you, there are few things I hate worse than being so drunk that its not fun anymore and you’re just sitting there trying to get sober. And vomiting is no fun at all, no fun at all. For the last four or so years, I’ve been far more likely to be the babysitter (“Hold her hair back! Get her some water and make sure she doesn’t throw-up on her shoes!”), the car key police and the one who’s gonna hate on you so hard for having that last drink that you don’t even want to anymore.

You have to know your own limits. Some of us can down half of a fifth and be just “nice” (“nice” IS drunk, by the way, so don’t pull that “I can still drive” crap), while others are falling over after two glasses of wine. Whatever that threshold from ‘good’ to ‘scarred’ is for you, you need to mind it, especially in public. A few of my personal tips for keeping it together:

  1. Move Around: Sitting still makes it very easy to not see how drunk you actually are getting. You don’t want to get up and have an “Oh, sh*t” moment, so mingle, take a few extra bathroom trips, dance or do whatever else you need to in order to keep aware of your level of intoxication.
  2. Keep Count: You should always know how many drinks you’ve had. If you go to work with a terrible headache after five rounds of Margarita Mondays, then take it down to three or four next time. You don’t want to take a shot in the wind, you should have an idea as to how much YOU can handle and drink accordingly.
  3. Beware The Enablers: There’s always that one ‘friend’ who’s gonna tell you not to be a punk and to keep going. If you know that the next shot of Patron is likely to be the difference between a few more dances and a makeout sesh with the toilet, then don’t f*cking drink it! Let your homie do what she wants to do, ’cause what you drink don’t make her hurl. Also, be particularly aware of someone who wants you to keep to drinking while also seemingly having some sort of designs on hooking up with you. Even if you were attracted before, if he’s deliberately trying to get you sauced so that you may let your inhibitions go…he’s a pig. 
  4. Get Some H2o: Don’t wait until you’re already two sheets to the wind to start sipping water. Drink it throughout the night and thank me in the morning. 

Just remember that OD’ing in the club doesn’t just mean you may end up a TwitPic (and, honey, we should all aspire not to be someone’s damn “ZOMG! Look at this drink azz gurl!” [Yes, you would have the luck to get played by someone who can’t even spell] TwitPic ). And it’s bigger than being oh-so-tired at work tomorrow. Your safety can be compromised in a number of ways. Keep your wits about you and be able to enjoy a good time. If you promise that you’ll do that, I’ll share my sangria recipe with you a little later today. But you HAVE to promise.

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  • This was very wordy but, I get the picture. CHEERS… with limitations!

    • lol forreal. this article kinda scared me. like really? fanaticising about alcohol? i never heard anybody act this way towards alcohol besides alcoholics…. i was getting alittle worried there jamilah! lol

  • Ashley

    Great Post! I too am a fan of the libations…but I’ve only recently begun to dring hard liquor. Far too many times as of late I’ve been the girl that my friends had to drive home because I had one too many or hold my bangs back while I brought my dinner from the night before back to life. :/ Its definatly not something I’m proud of and I’m working to learn my limits and be a responsible drinker! I never want to have an infamous twitpic Thanks for the post

  • Good tips, but bottom line like you said,you just have to know your limit and respect it.

  • Peaches

    Ok, this right here! I was soooo pissed when me and my bestie went out a few months ago and this heifer got pissy drunk in the club and it was just the two of us!

    Like she was falling down-grinding on random strangers-threw up in the car drunk 0_o

    On our walk back to the car she feel over on the sidewalk and some random white girls had to help me carry her to the car. Talk about embarrasing.

    And mind you, college is a few years behind us. I let her behind have it the next morning. We are too grown for foolishness like that.

    • Peaches


      Forgive the typos, I was typing in a fury remembering that night lol