Today is President Obama’s 50th birthday, and although he’s been working double time to handle the country’s and the world’s problems, there is still more work to be done.

Now that we’ve got the manufactured debt ceiling debacle out of the way, the President still needs to focus on fixing our ailing economy and putting folks back to work.

With unemployment still hovering above nine-percent, and almost double that for African-Americans, it’s clear that there’s still lots of work to be done. So, where should he start?

As President Obama blows out the candles on his birthday cake today, what are some things you wish he’d get done over the next year?

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  • KJ73

    Well, since the House and Senate are successfully keeping him from accomplishing anything of use for this country, I WISH Obama would buy a fleet of planes and take Black Americans somewhere to start a new country. Leave behind all this American “post-racial” racism. Right now, all he’s allowed to do is appeal to the whites and the wealthy. As the minority here, blacks are never going to get the policies that we need to thrive. I think he’s a good leader and with the right support he could be great because I believe his intentions are genuine.

    I know it’s a lofty idea but, hey, it’s a Birthday wish!

  • B

    Since the recent debt crisis bill…….Well, it’d be nice if he and the Democrats proved that they are actually an OPPOSING party (you know, with a different agenda than the Republicans) rather than just a bunch of co-conspirators. But, sigh, one can only dream. I will not be voting for a Democrat in 2012, including President Obama. They have proven themselves to be just as bad as the Republicans for more than a decade (and the few that actually have the people’s best interest at heart are surrounded by too many greedy and/or simple-minded Democrats and Republicans to get anything progressive done). Smh. I will be voting for a sane independent like Nader or some such, from now on. Done with our nation’s two main parties. Good luck to the handful of Democrats who actually have a heart, a brain, and some courage: your co-workers (Democrats and Republicans alike) are a bunch of power-hungry idiots.

  • Lulu

    everyone in office right now needs to leave including obama. Any american that is still supporting a politician based on political party or race needs a slap in the face after the disgrace that occured with the debt limit recently. Our government has shown it’s true colors, the elite are in power and do not care about the welfare of the american people. Our credit rating has been lowered for the first time in history and only God knows where things will go from here. Misstep after misstep by a completely incompetent government that has grown to serve big business instead of the american people…honestly, i don’t even think it matters who the presidential candidates will be in the next election, there are fundemnatal problems that need to be addressed before REAL CHANGE can occur…if not…america will not stand for much longer. God help this country….