Tavis Smiley has made his criticisms of President Obama quite clear. During the 2008 election cycle, Smiley was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, and after President Obama was elected, Smiley continued to offer critique the President and his policies.

Mostly recently, Smiley, who claims he’s know the President “for many years…as a friend,”  is angry that three years into the Obama administration, he still hasn’t been invited to the White House.

Smiley lamented:

“Once he got elected and my critique of him about holding him accountable to various things didn’t sit so well with him or the people around him, he has not at this point come on my TV or radio programs one time since he’s been in the White House,” Smiley said. “This is the first president in my professional career that hasn’t invited me to the White House.”

Tavis Smiley has been lambasted in the Black community for his harsh critique of the President. Some have seen it as over the top and bitter, but Smiley has often said it is his duty to hold all elected officials, including the first Black president, accountable for their actions. To this end, he has often compared his critique of the President to Frederick Douglass’ complicated relationship to President Lincoln.

But…is Tavis Smiley a hater or is he just holding the President accountable for his policies? 

Let’s talk about it! 



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