I was listening to the radio yesterday when they were discussing a recent breakthrough in food—scientifically grown meat.

Confused? So was I.

Apparently, for the past few years scientists have been attempting to find ways to solve the food crisis around the globe. Despite the spoils we enjoy in America and other parts of the industrialized world, in many corners of the world people are starving due to food shortages. Although grains, fruits and vegetables are relatively easy to grow (given the proper conditions) meat is expensive and can be extremely scarce. Enter science.

According to scientists, meat grown—from actual meat cells in a lab—can not only feed more people, but it may also help to fight climate change.

But would you eat it? Scientists argue that genetically engineered meat grown in labs using animal muscle cells is as natural as meat taken from animals, but others argue that meat grown in labs is just unnatural and “yucky.”

But what do you think? Would you eat scientifically grown meat? Sound off! 

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