It’s so cold in the suburbs of ‘the D’. This past Tuesday, six-year-old Saniya (who’s last name has been witheld) and her parents headed to their car after watching an afternoon matinee showing of “The Smurfs” in Livonia, MI. All of a sudden, a pickup truck rolls by and a man douses the little girl with red soda as he and another man or two hurled insults at the family before pulling off.

“I said ‘Mommy, why did they do that?’ And then mommy said we got to pray for them.” said Saniya.

Her mother Nesia told a reporter from Detroit’s FOX 2 “While they were driving off they yelled out, ‘You monkeys, you baboons. Started making like monkey noises and sounds and just kind of drove off.”

“I could not believe that something had happened like that,” said Larry, Saniya’s father. The family was too stunned to get a clear discription of the culprits or a licencce plate number, but do recall that the car was an older red F-150 pickup with a black cover.

Nesia says she’s never had anything like this happen to her and expressed her shock at her daughter’s experience: “She’s six. I mean, it’s 2011. Why does she even have to know that any of this is still something that goes on.”

Livonia police are interested in speaking with anyone who may know who was responsible for this act.


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  • fahrealtho

    One poster said we have to keep our guards up, and ME, I don’t care if it’s 1956 or 2011, I always got my guard up. While they looking at us like we might do something to THEM I look at THEM like they might do something to ME! I refuse to just be humiliated or harassed when I can help it. You want some of this, you gonna get it. I wish a cracker would get fly on me. I may not win but you gonna know they was in a fight. ANd to disrespect my daughter, sorry, but that license plate would be in my memory till death. And i will carry out some street justice. And that’s the damn truth.

    • Shon

      Cosign. I use to travel like 80% for my job and I was traveling to both small and large cities/towns and I always kept my guard up. You never know what people are thinking or planning especially as a single black female traveling the airway or highway. I found that when I was ready for something to jump off it never did however when I let my guard down that’s when all kinds of crazies would show up and show out.