While there’s no doubt Somalia needs assistance, there are differing opinions on how to help. As the country faces the worst drought and famine in twenty years, the international community has slowly started turning more of its attention to the crisis there and in the rest of the Horn of Africa. And as in several recent humanitarian crises, big names and brands are showing their support for the cause.

The most recent case is Thakoon, the luxury fashion brand that is pledged its support to the people of Somalia through commissioning specially designed scarves that retail for $250.00 USD. According to a report in Vogue Daily, Thakoon Panichgul is donating all proceeds from the limited-edition Masai-print scarf to UNICEF in the organization’s work in Somalia.

The scarf is part of Thakoon’s fall collection, inspired by the colors and sights of Africa. Panichgul, who has been involved in previous philanthropic efforts in his native Nepal, says that his main concern are Somalia’s most at risk group:

“This is foremost about the children [there]….they can’t fend for themselves. That’s the most immediate concern for me.”

The gesture is sure to create buzz in the fashion community, as many of the industry’s socially responsible initiatives have gotten enthusiastic responses from shoppers.

What do you think of Thakoon’s scarf for charity? Would you purchase it or give to the cause another way? Weigh in and tell us what you think Clutchettes!

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  • 48

    I love it! I think fashion brands have the biggest opportunities to make a difference in dire situations like this. Besides their consumers get to look great AND feel good for their contribution to charity – it’s a win-win. For 100% of proceeds, I’d definitely give this way!

  • hmmm

    this scarf is a direct copy of the scarves made in africa, on a fashion website in russia by one of harpers bazaar editors they combined pictures of the scarves on the runway iwth a picture of the original on some man/woman in africa..
    here is the link translated to english


  • Zy

    as long as ALL the proceeds go to the efforts in Somalia, it’s a good thing…

  • jane

    the scarf isn’t appealing to me but its better than my contribution to Somalia. I will support Thakoon as a fashion house.

  • Nana

    Can one claim the receipt of this scarf as a donation when doing his income tax?