VH1 is at it again.

The network that brought us “Basketball Wives,” “Love and Hip-Hop,” and “Flavor of Love” is gearing up to promote it’s latest reality show, “Lala’s Full Court Life.”

The show will give viewers an inside look at Lala and Carmelo Anthony’s life as they gear up to move from Denver to New York City, handle rumors of a secret love child, and Lala prepares for her acting career. The show will also feature Lala’s bestie, Kelly Rowland, as well as several other A-listers like Trina, Sereena Williams, 50 Cent and more.

Lala’s Full Court Life will premiere August 22. Will you be tuning in?

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  • Mimi

    Since when is Trina considered an “A-lister”???? Even though I won’t be watching, at least she can really call herself a basketball wife since she’s marred to Melo. Those other jumpoffs on Basketball Wives probably never will be a wife at all. I can’t watch another show about a woman who claims to live such a stressful life but has round the clock nannies, housekeepers etc.

    • isolde

      Well, yeah, Trina isn’t exactly A-list, but I have more respect for Trina than Lala. Without proximity to Melo, interest in Lala would evaporate. Trina is an entity in her own right.

      I won’t be watching this. With the exception of Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams, that whole Kim K/ Lala clique is a pretty feckless bunch.

  • wow

    she thought she was too good for basketball wives, this show is no different.. she will still air out her dirty laundry just like all the other celebs.. good luck to her but doubt i’ll be watching.. sorry..

  • isolde

    and another thing. I can’t get down with Lala whining about being hounded by the media, when she actively courts the press. There are plenty of sports WAGs with higher profile husbands than Lala that aren’t filming reality shows and staging photo ops with the likes of Kim Kartrashian.

    • Crystina

      Isodale, you are SO on point!

    • Crystina

      ISOLDE, sorry for butchering your name

  • Jess

    I like her. She can make her money just like the rest of em. More power to ya!

  • aba

    no thanks. next!