From The Grio — Refugee Barwago Mohamud huddles silently beneath a few blankets stretched over sticks at night, fearing for her life after a neighbor was raped, and a naked woman who had been kidnapped and gang-raped for three days in front of her terrified children was delivered to the medical tent next door.

Only a few hundred feet away stands a newly built camp with a police station, toilet blocks and schools. Neat thornbush fences in the camp separate residential areas for families to move into. But all the facilities are empty. The Kenyan government is refusing to open the new Ifo 2 facility as part of the world’s biggest refugee camp, Dadaab, saying the desperate Somali refugees flowing into the country are a security risk.

But for the women and children who fled war and famine and are now forced to build their shelters farther and farther away from the center of the camps, the extension would be a refuge from the armed men who prowl the bush at night. Some may be deserters from Somali forces across the border; others are Kenyan bandits who rob and gang-rape the stream of refugees fleeing the famine in Somalia.


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  • O’Phylia

    Don’t look at the comments on the original article. My God.

    • I read them…and wished I hadn’t.

  • SAA

    this truly breaks my heart….

  • JustSaying…

    Surprise surprise…black men strike again. Destruction and devastation follows them. It doesn’t matter if it’s here in America or in Africa every place where there is a large group of them this type of ish is going to happen.

    • O’Phylia

      Ah sweetie. Let me help you.
      Rapists strike again.
      There you go.
      You’re welcome.

    • JC

      Uneducated fool! If you studied a second of history you would know during every period of violence across the globe there were men that raped women – white, black, asian, hispanic, etc. Tragically, its almost a universal feature of conflict.

    • JustSaying…

      @JC & O’Phylia

      Please see Blu’s comment below and actually TRY to answer her question. This is the nature of black men–they don’t build they destroy. It doesn’t matter what region of the world they live…this is almost always the outcome.

      JC can you point to another race of men that rapes their own women. I’ll wait…

      Yes there were men that raped women, but dig this THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A SITUATION WHERE THESE MEN MASS RAPED THEIR OWN WOMEN–a book–pick one up.

  • BluTopaz

    If mass rape is used as a weapon of war, how do you explain two generations of children born to rape victiims in New Orleans and Haiti? We’re talking males with no weapons, power, food nor shelter–but somehow they still have enough energy to terrorize helpless women & girls during two seperate tragedies of biblical proportions. I mentioned this before in a thread months ago–i did not see reports of mass rape during the natural disasters in Japan nor Indonesia-would be glad if someone could explain why there are so many Black males in 2 different regions who are capable of this? Thx.

    • Faye

      It’s not because they are black, it’s because they are from backgrounds that don’t value women. Also, that much poverty and violence leads to that sort of thing.

    • guest

      i’m from new orleans and i’m going to go with because they are black + uneducated or just plain stupid.. i hate the men in this city they are animals, i can’t wait to get out of all this raping and killing they do every night in this city, i’m surprise we even have black men in this city with all the kiling they do to each other every night, and now that they are killing women just as often i really need to get the hell out

      i dont know whats haiti’s excuse

  • Nadell

    The mental toxicity must be eradicated from these men. It is absolutely disgusting to hear countless reports of these mass rapes. It will kill off an entire generation because the poor women & children will be erased due to the diseases planted inside of them from these rapists.