I have always wondered what Tamron Hall’s office was like. The MSNBC anchor is one of the women I look up to in terms of career climb and personal strength. And while I can only imagine the gorgeous space and picture the clippings sprawled across the walls, thanks to The Huffington Post, I got a mental glimpse of what Ms. Hall keeps at her desk.

The feature on HuffPo’s Women vertical asked successful women: what’s in your desk? And while everyone from Valerie Plame to Kathleen Sebelius weighed in- I was particularly interested in Hall and Lisa Jackson, head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Both women are sisters and incredibly gifted and driven in their fields, so I was eager to see what five things they listed as must haves in their workspace.

At Her Desk: Tamron Hall

  1. Yellow or green highlighters
  2. I keep fruity, sweet gum on the ready at all times. Chewing gum helps me work off extra energy on tense days and it helps keep me from eating junk food.
  3. A photo of me and my mother
  4. Anti-bacterial gel: I’m sharing it all day with the NewsNation staff.
  5. Private letters that remind me of why being a journalist is such an honor and a great responsibility. The letters are from viewers who are reacting to something I reported, or from people who were personally affected by the stories I have covered.

At Her Desk: Lisa Jacskon

  1. Copies of my kids’ school schedules: Really helpful when trying to juggle Cabinet meetings, doctors’ appointments and travel!
  2. Really good hand cream: One of my nervous habits is putting on hand cream while I’m on the phone. I can’t name the brand but it is nature-friendly.
  3. My iPad charger cord: I’ve made all my documents paperless!
  4. Gel insoles for my shoes: That way I love my heels even more.
  5. A few of the many letters I’ve received from Americans across the country, of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging me to continue fighting to keep our environment clean and our families healthy.


Interestingly enough, both women keep letters from the people their work has touched as encouragement. While simple, keeping those is a powerful way for to be reengaged with your work.

I recently went to a career seminar where the speaker talking about how the things at your desk are some of the biggest indicators into what kind of person you are. Whether planned or unintentional, the things we keep around our workspace can be a good look into the things we value and the things we connect to. It really opened up my eyes to see that what I kept was not just a personal way to motivate but a way to reach out and make meaningful connections with others.

What do you keep at your desk? Whether it’s an office or a study space- we want to know: what are your must haves? How do they keep you going? What do you think they say about you? Share with us Clutchettes!

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