Day in and day out we are honored to bring Clutch to a diverse, global and whipsmart audience of readers. For real. We work very hard to find subjects and stories that will inspire site vistors to laugh, cry, shake their heads and even learn a thing or two. While we understand the basic interests of young women of color and have gotten to learn what sort of pieces you guys will love and which ones leave you cold, we are always interested in hearing more about what you all come to this site looking for, what sort of things we can improve upon and what areas we have failed to cover.

Please leave us a comment,  dear readers, and let us know what it is Clutch can do for you as we look to grow and serve you better in the days, weeks, months and years to come!

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  • Lady

    Hmm… I would love more articles on health. Healthy food recipes, healthy tips for lifestyle change, etc. I’m a med student and I think social media is a GREAT avenue for health education, so I would love to see you guys do more of that.

    More current events stuff!

    I would love to see Clutch do a feature article on a current issue that effects black women, maybe a little bit longer, exploring things in depth from our perspective. Less opinion, more journalism. Like the article on sugar babies from Huff Post. Rather than reporting on someone else’s reporting, I would like to see Clutch break something like that. You could explore the African illegal immigrant community in this country, that’s a really interesting group, who have interesting approach to things like education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, child-rearing, etc. Or racism in elite schools/ professional fields. People in Ivy institutions and in competitive professional fields have their own share of problems. Or a series on HBCU grads and where are they now. I feel like there are so many misconceptions of HBCU grads, I know so many successful ones and if we could give them greater notoriety it could help recruit talent to those sorts of schools.

    That’s just stuff off the top of my head.

  • Bella

    a book club?