Panther, the 1995 film that took a look at the leadership of the Black Panther Party through the  fictional narrative of a member-turned-informant was slightly underwhelming and left much to be desired when it comes to chronicling the builders of the revolutionary organization.

However, the soundtrack to the movie was pretty dope and one of the standout tracks was the oh-so-90’s posse cut “Freedom”, which had both an R&B and Hip-hop version and featured damn near every Black female artist of the era. Both songs were reworkings of a track from Joi’s 1994 album Pendulum Vibe and the vocals were arranged by Angie Stone and Me’Shell Ndegeocello. Among the sixty women featured on the project were Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Amel Larrieux, SWV, TLC, Tracie Spencer, Brownstone, En Vogue, Xscape, Zhane, Queen Latifah, Jazzyfatnastees and Monica. I can’t even fathom the industry pulling together a track like that today, largely because there ain’t that many women who can sing that well that are popping like these ladies were back then. Ahh, the good old days…




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  • mochadoll

    Yes! Those WERE definitely the days. I so miss them.

  • What about the all rap version of the song?

  • You’re right. They could probably pull that number of artists, but there would be a high # of women in there strictly for name recognition or to fill out spots in the stand. Then there would be those whose mics are “somehow” not functioning properly… and a handful of actual vocalists sprinkled in with lesser knowns who can BLOW.

    TBH, I’d settle for another rendition of the film done a little better. Potentially being told from a different perspective. Quiet as kept though, I’d take a power group R&B version b4 I took a 2011 remake of the hip-hop version. Bcuz, good lord.