Who says albums don’t sell anymore?

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s highly anticipated collabo album, Watch the Throne roared into the number one spot this week, selling a staggering 436,078 copies. Bolstered by record-breaking iTunes pre-sales, Watch the Throne had hip-hop fans buzzing since rumors about a possible Jay-Z/Yeezy collaboration began flying last year.

Although the reviews have been mixed, many critical about the opulent tone of the album while most consumers are struggling to make ends meet, one thing is clear: Jay and Kanye are two of the biggest acts in hip-hop right now.

If album sales are any indication of what’s to come, watch out. The Watch the Throne tour will crisscrossing the country this Fall and I’m sure it will be EPIC.

Did you buy ‘Watch the Throne’? What are your thoughts?

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  • bosslady

    Yes, I have my concert tickets also. The album is solid… Good. The songs that I love, N*gga in Paris, Otis, Murder of Excellence and No Church, I LOVE, but there are a handful or songs are really don’t care for, such as Lift Off and That’s my b*tch, which just take up space in my opinion.

  • I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t relate. I heard the concert tickets were pretty high too, I know Jay and Kanye are considered artists that are pretty high on the totem pole but how crazy is it even asking a fan to pay $600 for concert tickets that are not in the front seat?

  • LN

    I thought the whole album was mediocre and lackluster… I love Gotta Have It, but that’s about it. I won’t be buying this, downloading it, or attending any concert.

    I firmly believe that Ye and Jay could have done much better; in terms of the topics they chose to cover, the beats they chose, and their lyricism.

    I hate to even say this but I think the upcoming Drake/Lil Wayne collabo will be much better than this.