Ever since The View’s Joy Behar said she spotted Jennifer Hudson shopping for a size 0, the blogs have been buzzing. Many wondered, if J-Hud really WAS a size zero, while others asked if she was getting too small.

We all know Hudson has been “feeling good,” sharing her Weight Watchers aided weight loss and new body with the world. After being so comfortable and confident in her ample size for years, J-Hud decided to make a change and drop some weight. Many of her fans–undoubtedly feeling abandoned by a sister they could relate to–weren’t feeling the change. For months the Black media wondered if J-Hud dropped the weight just to fit in or crossover, and many of her fans said she was just “too skinny.” But none of the negative comments have seemed to phase Hudson, who has said that losing weight feels like gaining 10 years of her youth back.

But I wonder…why do we seem to care about Jennifer Hudson’s size? As long as she’s happy, healthy, and in love with herself…I’m all for it.

With Americans getting fatter and fatter, does J-Hud’s weight loss make us feel some type of way about ourselves? Are the fans just hating on her success? 

What say you, Clutchettes and Gents! 

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