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  • minna k.

    1) Skinny Al B. Sure!

    2) These video girls are ALWAYS over accessorized. ONE statement piece.

    3) I was expecting a fun/tough working out song.

  • I think J.Cole is one of the few emcees that gets it. All his mixtapes are album worthy. But you’re right, I don’t think the industry doesn’t know how to package him. He’s an intelligent, thoughtful young man, not this replica of everything mainstream hip hop is right now. Some of his tracks like Enchanted, Love Me Not, and Premeditated Murder should be the ones he’s making for videos for, the ones that should be all over the radio but unfortunately he has to ride the waves until he changes the game.

    • Exactly! He’s being totally misrepresented by this video as just another rapper who wants to hit it and quit it, like many of the ladies above mentioned. And though that’s true to his stage in life (he did just graduate college not too long ago), he’s about so much more. His mixtapes are phenomenal and should be rereleased as albums. He has SOOOO MUCH to contribute to Hip Hop and this “Workout” shit is all about radio play. It’s like they’re trying to make him into another wack ass Joe Budden! I hate this shit. Frustrates me to no end. The real J. Cole is sexy, confident, conflicted, complex and did I mention sexy? All of that. This is beneath him. But hopefully his album will feature much more than radio garbage. Hopefully.

  • Not a Hater

    Another below average song, and below average artist that is being pushed on us as top talent. I’m not a hater and I love black music. But I will cosign what Simone why is that all black male artist today look, dress, and sound like boys? It’s as if they are afraid of seeing or allowing a “GROWN ASS” Teddy P, Gerald Levert, even Keith Sweat back in the game. I will not promote the marginalization of black people and their music.

    Also, why are all of the females in this video not definitively black and overly made up? Stop going for the okey-doke family for real. This not good music.

  • kevincorcoranjr

    there’s no better word for J cole than clutch! the guy is a machine… putting out new tracks every sunday night for free… while still having time to plan a world tour in just 4 months… and putting out a new full length. I cannot wait for september 27th… it’s going to be a big day for the music world… er, should i say the Cole world! haha