Ever since this sizzling hot Dominican and Puerto Rican stunner was recognized as the only actress to have three movies in the box office for 3 consecutive weeks, Zoe Saldana has been on a steady rise to the top.

With Avatar, The Losers and Death at a Funeral under her belt, the actress is poised for superstardom, reveling in Hollywood access and notoriety most actresses only dream of.

The issue will hit stands August 16th. In her interview, she dishes on how she nearly had a nervous breakdown after starring in Avatar (the highest grossing film of all time), how she’s maintained her 12 year relationship with fiancee Keith Britton, how her small circle keeps her grounded and much more.

What do you think of Zoe Saldana for Latina?

-Krystal Holmes

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  • I just received my copy in the mail today and can’t wait to read it. Her latest movie is going to garner her action hero status because she looks like she kicks ass in it.

  • Hate to to be the one to point this out – but here we go AGAIN with AA women – seeking validation through ambiguous black women who don’t truly represent them.

    THE 1%ERS

    Zoe Saldana is 1% – she’s not BLACK BLACK NEGRO BLACK – she’s Dominican.

    Black women keep cosigning these women when

    1) they are on the red carpet or in the spot light
    2) or with a white man.

    Black women will not win the BLACK BEAUTY argument promoting these women. East Africans like Fatima Siad – same thing.



    White women are represented by 30% when it comes to white beauty.

    Black women 1% – but yet black women can’t understand why regular black women aren’t looked at.

    How many AA women look even remotely close to ZOE Saldana?

    PLEASE LOOK AT THESE LINKS. I can rest my hat on this one.

    why no one wants a black woman
    here we go again with AA women cosigning women who are not really representative of them
    promoting the 1% of black women
    8:24 AMwith white women at least 30% of white women are promoted
    for black women that is not that cause
    they place zoe saldana in poses that they NEVER PUT BLACK WOMEN IN
    how many 100% AA women black women – get promoted like this or shown like this
    have we ever see a picture of Alek wek in a pose and cloths like this
    or this http://watikalemon.com/watikalemon/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/zoe-saldana-widescreen-wallpaper-zoe-saldana-9229837-1920-1200.jpg
    how many black women would even want to be portrayed in a SUBMISSIVE POSE SUCH AS THIS?
    This shit scream feminity and black women shun this!
    black women are not shown like this – DARK SKIN WOMEN ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  • “Ever since this sizzling hot Dominican and Puerto Rican stunner ”

    Doesn’t this go against the article just written on clutch about how being a “regular black chick” isn’t good enough – but yet it MUST be pointed out here – her ethnicity?

    Black women only promote these women when they are with white men or in the spotlight.

    Let a regular AA man of darker complex pick her and her ethnicity would be brought up in a negative light. – “SHE AIN’T BLACK – SHE’S A “PORTORICAN” ” But yet when the idea that she VALIDATES ALL BLACK WOMAN AND THEIR BEAUTY – comes up – SHE’S JUST AS BLACK AS THE REST OF AA Women.

    Just cause she’s dark.

    Let her be a couple shades lighter and – bw would not be trying to rep her.

    Beyonce is prob more black than her – but because she’ LIGHT! she obviously can’t validate nor represent black beauty – HOWEVER ZOE CAN?! Wtf – does anyone see the problem here BW need to serious stop putting on a pedestal women that don’t truly represent them as AA women.

    Its all cool – up until droves of black men – decide that Zoe is more fly than 99% of black AA women. And that they want this 1%er verse the way that 90% of black women actually look.

    Like i’ve said before – it ain’t white women.

    It’s the black women that are promoted – that even black women who look nothing like them – PROMOTE.

    I can find a Natalie Portman walkin down the street.

    Where can I find a Kerry Washington or Zoe – Rare like Unicorn tears and Care bear farts.

  • I swear to God I’m gonna watch BW of darker complexion phase themselves out. I mean it’s not even white media that keeps it going. They just put it out there. But as much as I hear BW complain about the Zoe Saldana’s of the world and how they’re not really black and how black men choose them over regular black women.

    I face palm every time I hit the net and see these same women being put on a pedestal by non other than BW. WOW!

    “HMMMMFFFFPPPH Sargewp – And look she’s got a white man!”

    SWP – Ummmm, and how many black men were OVERLOOKIN HER – Like for real? Not to mention the fact that the very point contradicts the idea that she’s a black woman and that black men are overlooking her when – in reality she’s not all that black and that black men liking her goes to the very point that many black women try to make – that black men are not attracted to black women – but yet and still when she’s with a white man she becomes the definition of black beauty the black men are rejecting, even though she doesn’t look like most AA women, even close – I could stand alone on the fact that she ain’t no more than a 125lbs. How many sistas are 125lbs.

    I hate to point this stuff out – but damn sometimes – I can’t stand these blatant contradictions – when on other websites – I see black women GOING THE HELL OFF at the fact that they feel that black men marginalize black women’s beauty – then I run over to sights that have to do with black women’s beauty and who do they idolize and want to look like.



    The problem is that Dark skin women are not portrayed in the same light as they do these biracial, light skin, east african, or other black ambiguous women.

    My girl Alek Wek they always got in some dumb face point.

    If you don’t believe men – Google – Alek Wek – go to images.

    Then go to Zoe Saldana – POINT AND CASE.

    When’s the last time we ever see a chocolate sistas on her knees in a docile feminine pose with a face that says – “TAKE ME – HAVE ME AS U WILL” – Contrary to popular belief among black women – black men prefer that! to the idea of the emasculating strong independent black woman.


    Meanwhile all the men are Oogling at Zoe Saldana on her knees – and BW go right to the fact that she’s got long hair or light skin or not fat.

    How about the fact that she’s in a feminine pose, how about the fact that she’s got stockings on and seductively exposed – not on some video chick bs – She’s exposed but it’s portrayed in a classy light. U picture a man with a loose tie a button down white shirt with a crisp collar, a cigar, and glass of congac.

    SEE THAT’S HOW BLACK WOMEN ARE NEVER PORTRAYED. Only these women. Then we wonder why many sistas – NOT ALL – but I’d say most – have this losing battle with beauty and desirability.

    MEDIA IS POWERFUL – but black are black women cosigning it to help phase themselves out.

    There’s a million dark women out here like Taneka Davis – U know the dark skin fine ass OMG piece of chocolate in Jump the Broom.

    See they actually had a woman who could hold a candle with her chocolate skin to Paula Patton.

    But remove her and remove Megan Goode – and everyone would think that a BW had to be light in order to be beautiful because she was the only woman really represented in the move as the center piece.

    I do think they should have given Taneka more speaking parts – For real.

    BW’s image is messed up – and they do things that don’t even fight it or help to fix it – by Co-signing women who don’t even look like or representing them but shouldn’t be.

    U know what those white boys are saying – ZOE IS A PRETTY BLACK GIRL – AND PRETTY BLACK GIRLS NEED TO LOOK LIKE THAT – and while ya’ll co-sign this.

    Black boys are growing up thinking the same thing because this is the only time they see a black woman of color portrayed with such femininity.


    Write about that in ur next article.

  • A woman just sent me an email and she wants me to address something.

    She’s askin me – well do I think that black men hold a responsibility to preferring these women to dark skin women.

    I’ll say Yes – however, I look at it like this. WE ARE ALL SCREWED UP IN THE HEAD.

    I don’t think its going to change for most black people – men are going to like who they like and women are going to keep complaining yet cosigning these same women because they have internalized it themselves.

    My focus is on the children so that they don’t internalize what the adults have. But I know that can’t happen with the boys who the women complain about and blame – when the women keep cosigning these women.

    I have a friend who’s mother made sure he wasn’t arrogant and she always made him see even unattractive women attractive – because she didn’t want the son being arrogant like the father.

    So the son went out here – and was getting with women that weren’t attractive – NO SURPRISINGLY – the mother turned around and said – WHY U ALWAYS DATING ALL THESE UGLY GIRLS.

    He said – well I don’t think they’re ugly. She helped mold that – but yet she had an issue once things transpired.

    Ignoring that – Lets focus on how she helped him see what he prob should have been seeing all along because she didn’t say certain things around her son.

    Ya’ll know I ain’t lying – black mothers constantly talking about good hair around their children. Or comments of “Oh she’s so pretty.” Yet it only tends to be light skin women.

    Boys can be influence. Grown ass men – are usually set in their ways – and the problems that black women have to deal with in reference to their beauty and black men – arose from childhood.

    Just like there not being enough educated black men in 2011 for black women to get with. Why?

    Simple – where was the “STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK MALE” program back in the 80’s and 90’s

    Oh that’s right all the focus was on the women and getting them right.

    If the family takes 2 people and that’s the unit of the black community – then everything from, religion, to education, to growth – should be focused on BOTH.

    I feel as though black women kinda ignore that in so many aspects and then end up dealing with the consequences later.

    • there is no way that what you co-sign cannot influence your children
      sons and daughters

    • I have tendencies I have to internally challenge and combat. For example, I have an affinity for black women who have white features. Where did this come from? My belief, the media, because all the black women I was ever presented were ambigious black women growing up in the 80’s. How many black sitcoms are there and were there where biracial girls where portrayed as 100% full black girls. “Oh she’s so pretty.” How many white sitcoms do we see where whites portray biracial children as white? Yea sounds ridiculous I know. I never had an issue with hair. I never had an issue with skin color, but I can recall that all the black women I saw that were deemed attractive were the 1%ers. One of my first TV crushes was Tatiyana Ali. I actually prefer my black women darker, however, I still find myself being much more attracted to black women who are dark but do not exhibit strong West African features. This is one of the reasons that I find myself strongly attracted to dark Indian women, because when you really think about it, what do they tend to represent? White women dipped in chocolate, but in all the years I preferred the white women dipped in chocolate, even from childhood, I did not get any objections from black women. Then when I became a man, looking for the rarest of black women, I couldn’t believe the amount of black women that were getting pissed off at the me for preferring the same woman that they co-signed when she was on the cover of a magazine. As I said before, I think Jim Marie Jones if fly, yet where are the black women doing cartwheels when she’s on the cover of magazines. The fat black women get put on the cover of a magazine and black women do cartwheels. The biracial woman who’s not even black gets put on the cover of a magazine, (Zoe Saldana) black women are doing cartwheels. The 100% black women gets put on the cover of a magazine…crickets… from black women. WTF?