Since it’s inception YouTube has changed the game. Instead of going the old school route of trying to break into the entertainment industry by beating down the door of record labels, TV stations, and agents, many have turned to YouTube to create their own big break.

Musical artists like Justin Beiber and sadly Soulja Boy, and budding filmmakers like Issa Rae of Awkward Black Girl and Fede Alvarez are using YouTube to not only release content, but build audiences and garner industry contacts.

While there are some absolute gems on YouTube (see: ’12 Steps to Recovery’), there are many, many more duds. To help you sift through some of the noise and point you in the direction of some quality content, I’m sharing five YouTubers I love. Enjoy!

VanJess24: This super talented sister duo not only can SAAAAANG, but they have incredible style and energy (and they remind me of a young Zhane!). Watching their videos makes me smile. Their quirky style and love of music (and each other) shines through. Somebody sign these two, QUICK!

Joelle James: I know it’s not politically correct, but when I come across a white girl who can BLOW with the soulfulness of a sista, I’m sorta in awe. Jolle James (the wavy-haired blonde) and company KILL their mashups and covers of popular artists like Drake, Chris Brown, and Beyonce. Rihanna WISHES she sounded this dope. #justsayin

KinkyKurlyQueen: When I’m looking for a little hair inspiration I turn to KinkyKurlyQueen. Whether she’s rocking her amazingly dope hair curly, in twists, or straight, KKQ always does so with impeccable style and grace. Love her!

Jerry LaVigne Jr.: When I’m looking to get my chuckle on, I turn to this dude. He easily mixes spot-on social commentary about race, love, and dating with his biting sense of humor. I have yet to tune in without laughing and nodding my head at his P.O.V.

The Gregory Brothers: These are the folks that famously ‘auto tuned the news’ as well as created the infamous ‘Bed Intruder’ song. Their selection is not only dead-on, but their adlibs and musical interludes are hilarious.

Clutchettes and Gents, who do you love watching on YouTube?

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