We may be a broke, poorly educated, and potentially post-office free nation, but according to a new poll, The USA is still deemed the coolest. Social networking site badoo.com asked 30,000 people across 15 countries to declare who’s the hippest. “We hear a lot in the media about anti-Americanism,” says Lloyd Price, Badoo’s Director of Marketing. “But we sometimes forget how many people across the world consider Americans seriously cool.”

Yep. Thanks to President Obama (coolest leader), Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg (coolest rappers), and Steve Jobs, (coolest geek) the United States has maintained social relevance to a random group of individuals. Rounding off the list are folks like Lady Gaga, Samuel L. Jackson, Johnny Depp and Quentin Tarantino (for real?).

The poll showed mucho Latino love as Brazilians were ranked the second coolest nationality in the Badoo poll and the coolest Latin Americans, ahead of Mexicans and Argentinians. The Spanish, in third place, were voted the coolest Europeans. Not to be ignored, the poll shows folks’ choice of the five least coolest nationalities as well.

The 10 Coolest

1. American

2. Brazilian

3. Spanish

4. Italian

5. French

6. British

7. Dutch

8. Mexican

9. Argentinian

10. Russian



The 5 Un-Coolest


1. Belgian

2. Poles

3. Turks

4. Canadian

5. German


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  • African Mami

    Whatev to this list! No African country is listed?! We are broker than America, I mean shouldn’t that make us even more cooler?

  • Vitto

    @ Dr, I totally agree with you Americans aren’t cool they are the most ignorant people on earth, even at the beginning of the article they admit that they are poorly educated=ignorant…. Most of the Americans reading this must think that Mexico is in Africa, the other half don’t know that they are neighbor countries and a 100% don’t even know that Mexico is also part of North America…. Hahaha or LOL like you idiots say!!!

  • Alexandra

    What??!!! I’m kinda shocked the German nationality ended up where it is?!!
    Everybody loves Germans where I live and one of my closest friends girlfriend is German, and she’s coolest chick I’ve met all year.

    I’m interested to know whether it’s always been considered uncool. I’m willing to bet world history has a lot to do with it? But then again, the American nationality shouldn’t be too far behind it though, no? :-/

  • Clnmike

    Feel bad for the Canadians…….,ot really, lol.