The media is notorious for paying for exclusives. Even with the fiasco over the absurd betting war for a Casey Anthony interview, there are still many willing to pay for the first look to be through them. And the truth is, it often does bring the outlet that lands the big fish media attention and sales. Just ask PEOPLE about those Kim Kardashian wedding photos exclusive. Still, the practice no matter how lucrative is generally frowned upon, which is why reporter and soon to be talk-show host, Anderson Cooper has found himself in the hot seat.

After news broke that Cooper had landed the first television interview with late soul singer Amy Winehouse’s family, word leaked that the family had a very big incentive to sit down with the silver-haired fox.

According to Page Six:

Sources say Cooper landed his first interview with the parents of the late Amy Winehouse by offering up to a six-figure payment for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. A program insider insists the figure was closer to $30,000 for the charity set up by Mitch and Janis Winehouse in memory of their daughter, who struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and died in July. The charity will launch Sept. 14 on her birthday, two days after Cooper’s show.

“It was one of several charitable causes that we hope to help in the year ahead,” a show rep said.

What do you think of the donation from Anderson Cooper to the Winehouse family’s charity? Is there something fishy about it or is it all in good faith? Tell us what you think Clutchettes and gents- let’s discuss?

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