If we want to talk about anything, let's talk about the ciggs. We smoking now, Rihanna? Really?!

When photos and a video clip from Rihanna’s latest video, “We Found Love” surfaced today, many had a lot to say about the pop star–and the reviews weren’t so glowing.

As I peeped the comments on several blogs about the Bajan singer being kicked off a farmer’s land because of her body-bearing outfits during her video shoot, there was a constant theme: Rihanna is a whore!

It seems many loathe RihRih for constantly baring her body. While I can understand their opinion about the reason Rihanna wears revealing clothing (they feel she’s just selling sex to sell records), many of the comments about her body were just down right mean.

Several commenters complained the singer should cover up because of her “saggy breasts,” others took apart her thighs, and of course, many mentioned her “five head.” Several others simply took the easy route and hurled the standard “whore,” “prostitue,” and “skank” label at Rihanna, but why?

Why do so many feel the need to ALWAYS say something negative about others?

I’ve noticed when other people are confident about themselves–despite what some consider flaws (a “big” head, thicker tummy, an interesting-looking face, being comfortable being naked)–many folks have a problem with it and commence to tearing the person apart.

These criticism aren’t just leveled at Rihanna, of course. Anytime a celeb, the homie on Facebook, or a random person on Twitter is pictured, inevitably SOMEONE has something negative to say.

Peep the comments of any popular blog, and instead of commenting on the article, folks will needlessly pick apart what someone is wearing, why their hair is the way it is, or why their body isn’t absolutely perfect.

It seems like many of us expect perfection from everyone, at all times–except, of course–ourselves.

I find it comical that so many folks take pleasure going innnn on others when they are not perfect (or even close to it) themselves. I’m sure many of the ladies talking about Rihanna’s “saggy boobs,” don’t have breasts that stand at attention. And others who so quickly talked about Amber Rose’s fat thighs probably need to take a couple of laps around the block as well.

So, what’s really going on?

I’m curious, Clutchettes: Do we tear down others because we don’t want to look critically at what we need to work on, or…are we really just MEAN? 



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  • Fleur

    The public is accustomed to seeing Rihanna’s exposed lady bits. She has amateur and professionally shot nude photos of her floating around. Constantly exposing / covering your body in the public space doesn’t convey confidence just like it doesn’t express shame. It’s about what you are used to doing. Many people talk positively / negatively about Ms. Fenty’s body, according to their standards, because they can. I seriously doubt many people expect perfection from everyone other than themselves. In fact, I’m sure many people know that nobody is perfect.

    Ms. Fenty’s sexual behavior in the public space is also habitual. In majority of the singles released from “Loud,” Rihanna is either singing explicitly about sexual acts or she’s wishing someone was in bed with her. In addition, she extends this explicit sexual behavior in her videos, concerts, interviews, and so on. I’m not baffled by Rihanna’s explicit sexual behavior in the public space. Ninety-eight percent of the time, I just don’t care enough. Again, it’s in the public space, many are going to speak outloud either positively / negatively. I’m sure the ample discussion is a desired effect Ms. Fenty & Team are hoping to achieve, too. People, including Rihanna, need to prepare themselves personally for these reactions before they take these actions. I don’t want Ms Fenty, or anyone else, to crumble because of the negative things she hears/read about herself.

    I wouldn’t label Rihanna a h0e, c*nt, b*tch, skank…even if she does so herself. It’s not my thing. Besides, She’s an adult. Ms. Fenty’s sexual behavior in the public space is not harming me or my family in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, she’s entitled to live her life anyway she pleases especially since I’m not supporting her.

    • secret ninja

      as for her “amateur nude photos” floating around on the internet, they’re there because the ex-boyfriend that beat her up leaked them.

      as far as her nakedness or explicit lyrics goes, again, this is after her boyfriend beat her up and in my opinion this is her way of acting out or taking her body back.

      not exactly disagreeing or agreeing with anything you said but the tone speaks volumes…

    • Fleur

      @ secret ninja,
      You’re tone speaks volume, too…
      There is no need for Ms. Fenty or her supporters to use ex-lovers and past physical abuses as passes for her continued nudity & explicit sexual behaviors in the public space. Rihanna and supporters already identify her as an adult, a rebel, a rock star & celebrity with real personality. I, nor Ms. Fenty, find her behavior in the public space intolerable.

    • Fleur

      excuse the other typos…gotta run.

    • secret ninja

      since you have such a problem with “Ms. Fenty” as you like to call her is such a problem for you, then why are you commenting a page that features her as part of the main subject.

      there’s a difference between excuses and explanations, you obviously don’t know what that is.

      this is an example of what the article is talking about. you don’t like someone yet you run to this page to make a comment.


    • isolde

      “there’s a difference between excuses and explanations, you obviously don’t know what that is.”

      @secret ninja

      But the explanation you’re giving really isn’t all that plausible, not when you consider that Rihanna’s been posing in various states of undress since she was 19 and in the Umbrella video wearing nothing but silver body paint. The Chris Brown incident really has nothing to do with it. Granted, her Rated R era was in many ways a moody reflection on the incident, but she would’ve been half dressed, singing sexually charged lyrics regardless because that’s how she rolls. I agree with Fluer. We navy members can’t resort to using physical abuse and exes to divorce Rihanna of her agency in regards to her image, especially when Rihanna herself never does that.

      Really when you think about it, her evolution has been gradual and age appropriate. The explicit lyrics and nakedness weren’t present in her earlier eras because she was an underage minor. Her transformation to the Ri Ri we know and love today really started with the Good Girl Gone Bad era and progressed from there. Being legal gave her the freedom to take risks and experiment with her image and sound.

      As for the “amateur pictures,” yeah, CB may have leaked the first round of nude pics, but the photos that she took for Matt Kemp surfaced well after she and CB were involved. She’s a pop star that likes to give her boyfriends naked pics . . . And? But see, she’s learning though. The CB pics were completely naked. The Matt Kemp pics were only of a hand-bra poses and panty lines, really nothing worse than her last US GQ cover (which was the best selling issue of that year, BTW).

    • secret ninja

      @isolde – okay. that line of reasoning i can get with, the Umbrella video didn’t even come to mind at the time.

  • TruthTeller

    Tell Rihanna keep some clothes on and try to learn how to sing. She’s not helping the image of black women.

    • Tacha

      Really? Every time I see her windin’ on stage, I’m proud to be Caribbean.

  • Tacha

    Real talk, anyone who is thinks Rhianna entertains “whoredom” on a regular, must not be paying attention. The woman is pretty fashionable with and without her clothes on. Furthermore, how a woman chooses to dress is not indicative of her vagina’s accessibility. Nor, should it warrant hatefulness from stranger.

    On the flipside, I admire her confidence to be naked. I spent years being ashamed of my pretty darn banging body. It wasn’t until I started gaining weight after a surgery that I realized I wasted years not celebrating what I got. And please trust and believe, a lot of women want what I got. I’m not saying that to spawn jealousy or envy, but to express that there should be no shame celebrating YOU in whatever form or fashion. (Pun not intended.)

    *hums “Don’t Hate me Cause I’m Beautiful”*

    • Belle7

      Thumbs Up! I agree with ur comment she’s 23 years old people need to let her live her life. If she wants to wear her outfits and sing about sex let her do it. That’s how she chooses to express herself. If yall don’t like it don’t listen to her music or watch her videos. I think it’s funny that a guy like Trey Songz can sing all of these sexual/raunchy songs and that dude never has a shirt on but he’s considered “sexy”. But if a female does it it’s a problem women need to stop hating on each other. Smh.

    • chanela

      @belle7 how is someone having an opinion about rihanna not allowing her to live? are people putting a gun to her head??? how can adult “let” her do anything? nobody has the authority to allow or disallow someone to do anything so whats the point of telling people to “let her live”? and just cause someone has an opinion thats the opposite of what she does? wow i didnt know i was jesus

  • SisterAyiti

    People (especially Black women) tear our own down like its going out of style. I find it a compliment when I’m being hated on because it typically means I’m doing something you wish you could be doing too. I think black women are just naturally more reserved and conservative so when we see women like Rihanna not giving a damn we can’t stand it because for many– they wish they could be the same way.

    Yea, I said it! I see it all the time especially here in the South. Sisters are so damn stiff and rigid!


    meh,whatever. When your children wanna dance and dress like Rihanna,I bet you’ll all be SO proud of them. And we wonder why little girls wanna be “sexy” at the age of 4. It’s the Rihanna’s and Gaga’s of the world that say “YES! if you want to be beautiful and respected,BARE IT ALL AND SHAKE YOUR ASS! GIRL POWER!” I’m just pretty disgusted with today’s generation of so called “music”. I would never call Rihanna a whore or anything out of her name,I don’t know her life and I don’t care. What I care about is her MESSAGE. And her message is simply this : you’re greatest talent as a women is being sexy and seductive. Give me an example from her music that states otherwise. I don’t care who she is personally,but the Rihanna she puts in front of crowds of teenagers is this vixen type character. the type of women who wears thigh high leather boots and barely there outfits thrusting her crotch into the audience.


    I know a lot of adults with children (and without) want to imagine that their little girls won’t be like that or dress like that,but the fact is they do. And the ages are just getting younger and younger. But hey,if it doesn’t bother you,then fine. It’s your children. But me? I’d rather my daughters (when I do have kids one day) will learn to respect their bodies and understand that you don’t have to be “sexy” and wear see-through shirts to be respected or have high self-esteem. If we taught girls to love themselves with their clothes ON,they wouldn’t be SO inclined to take their clothes OFF to feel pretty and feminine.

    “All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.”-Rihanna

    oh yeah,how classy.