This is why I love our First Lady!

She’s not only an outspoken advocate for women and girls around the world and can hit a mean dougie, but  Michelle Obama is so down to earth that she isn’t afraid to hit Tarjay to get a few essentials.

Yesterday afternoon, the FLOTUS shopped incognito in an Alexandria, Virginia Target. Mrs. Obama sported a baseball cap and sunglasses and reportedly picked up towels and cleaning supplies.

The mission was a success. The secret service also went undercover, ditching their trademark black suits to blend in with Target shoppers, and Mrs. Obama was only spotted by the cashier on her way out.

Target got in on the fun tweeting:

“First Lady Michelle Obama may be incognito but there is no denying those signature @Target red carts!”

We love it!

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  • Mimi

    LOVE HER!!!! I’m just glad she wasn’t kickin it at Wal-Mart.

  • marais morris

    Lord knows i love her. what an inspiration she is for all women and for all little black girls especially. just love her. but i do not love target because i read somewhere, quite a while ago, that Target heavily supports right wing causes. so, i checked out their “donor past” and it did indicate such. but that was a long time ago. maybe someone woulfd like to check out whom Target’s donating to now.

  • Oh, this is nuts! Definitely my favorite first lady of all-time, but she should be living like a queen. She needs to be pampered on her free time. Manicures, pedicures, day spas and the like. She’s busy enough as it is if you ask me.

    Why, Mrs. Obama? Why?

    • JS

      You know @K. Michel, I’m sure Mrs. Obama is and has gotten her share of spa treatments and pampering, but to step out like she did before becoming First Lady is more than likely therapeutic and maybe even fun for her…

  • CoCo

    I love her! down to earth, and just regular ole’ Michelle Robinson Obama….she is so my favorite FLOTUS EVA!!!!!

    • African Mami

      Please clue me in on what FLOTUS/POTUS/HARRY PORTER means?! I always see this word, and I’m so awestruck by it….HELP A SISTA OUT.

    • MP

      FLOTUS=First Lady of the United States
      POTUS=President of the United States