Well…in case you had any doubts after her Twitter-shattering VMA performance…it’s really real. King B is having a baby!

While getting a little R&R on a recent trip to  Hvar, Croatia, Beyonce was spotted by the paparazzi looking positively fly in a white bikini and a visibly bare rounded belly. Although her camp has been tight-lipped about a possible due date, some estimate that Bey could have her a little Knowles-Carter by the beginning of next year.

Despite everyone’s excitement about Beyonce’s pregnancy, no one is more geeked (or worried) that her hubby Jay-Z. Recently, Us Magazine reported that Jay was “overly worried” about his wife’s pregnancy and her job rocking crowds. It seems like Papa Shawn was concerned that performing in heels could be harmful to the baby.

Us Magazine reports:

“Jay-Z has been the doting dad-to-be ever since the spouses of three years discovered they were expecting. ‘He was even concerned about her performing in heels,’ an insider told Us Weekly of Beyonce, who is about 4 months along, ‘but the doctor said it would be fine.'”

Just to assure himself that everything is alright, Jay-Z makes sure Bey sees the doctor after every performance.

Ever since the news of Beyonce’s pregnancy broke, many of her fans have been wondering if she’ll be able to go on her epic world tour. Initially, she was scheduled to hit the road for nearly 18-months, but with a baby on the way, it’s unclear how many dates she can or will make. Although many women balance being pregnant with continuing their careers, extensive traveling, grueling routines, and dancing in 6-inch heels with a growing belly isn’t the easiest thing to do.

One thing is clear, however: If anyone can balance the demands of a newborn and rocking a sold-out crowd it’s Beyonce.

What do you think? Should Beyonce continue to perform until she has her baby or should she take some time off to enjoy her pregnancy?

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  • @MarloweOverShakespeare

    thanks for the question! i think i need to write more extensively on this but briefly i will tell you this: women and pregnant women are being sold a bill of goods and those of us who try desperately to live up to the image of a balanced “supermom” fail miserably because you cannot have it all, nor can you do it all. quite simply, most of us lack the resources. [which is why i’m put off by the glib remark that beyonce and her pregnancy are achievable end-goals. they are not, nor will they ever be.

    also, it is virtually impossible to adequately split your time between motherhood and careerhood for the simple reason that one inevitably takes precedence over the other. more often than not, moms tend to “opt out”–it’s usually the case that they are driven-out– of the more high paying positions because it requires that they put the business first. you cannot have a high-paying salary and assume that the CEO is going to be sympathetic to your childcare needs even though most companies are now trying to make it possible for women to sustain their careers. I haven’t even touched on the psychological implications of marketing this unachievable dream to women in general. Recent studies show that women on both sides are depressed because they can’t keep up with the demands of motherhood let alone, careerhood PLUS motherhood.

    One welcome result of this whole mommy/work issue is the explosion of the so-called mommy blogosphere machine in which women writers/entrepreneurs who are mothers can leverage business work with home work and family work w/o too much interruption.

    i could go on! [anyway, this is just the coles notes version. and certainly i’ve used a few generalizations, but the above describes a more common and realistic POV. thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain further]. cheers, xobolaji

  • lovestruck

    Beyonce never had a world tour scheduled for this album, hence the small, intimate gigs in NYC.

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  • I think she should do what ever she wants! Like you said, if anyone can pull it off, its def gonna be Bey! Judging from the VMA performance, she’s clearly fine working it out. Once she hits a certain point in her pregnancy, she won’t be able to perform anyway, whether she wants to or not. No one knows your body like you… she’ll know when it’s time to take it easy!