The rumors around Hillary Clinton running for the White House have been swirling and this time it was an infamous Republican stirring the pot.

While promoting his memoir, former Vice President Dick Cheney threw out the suggestion that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would make a great opposition candidate for President Obama.  It seems while selling his book, Cheney thought it’d be a good idea to stir up some liberal banter as well.

While Hillary did not comment on Cheney’s comments, her husband did and he had a mouthful to say. The always humorous ex-president responded to Cheney’s suggestion on CBS’ Face the Nation, saying that his wife has no intention of running against President Obama in 2012:

“I also have a high regard for Vice President Cheney’s political skills, and I think one of those great skills is sowing discord among the opposition…I think he’s right that she’s done a heck of a job…But she is a member of this administration, and committed to doing it.”

Still, Clinton says he doesn’t mind sparring with Cheney every once in a while.

“…I think he, by saying something nice about her in the way that he did, knew that it might cause a little trouble. I don’t want to help him succeed in his political strategy. But I admire that he’s still out there hitting the ball.”

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