Fall semester at Bowie State University is marked with a horrific tragedy as a 19-year-old student has been charged with murder in the fatal stabbing of her roommate.

Alexis D. Simpson, has been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder and first-degree assault. The official word is that Simpson and one of her roommates, Dominique T. Frazier, 18, got into a fierce altercation which resulted in Frazier’s death.

Sources claim the fight on Thursday was sparked when Simpson turned off an iPod being listened to by Frazier and her friends. Allegedly, in reaction to Frazier and friends raising their voices demanding she turn the music back on, Simpson stabbed Frazier in the neck.

In her defense Simpson is reported as saying:

“I didn’t mean to do it. Y’all don’t know what I’ve been through. You all jumped me.”

Victim: Dominique Frazier, 18.

Although she initially fled the scene of the crime, authorities say Simpson turned herself in a few hours after the attack. Police were called about the stabbing after 8 p.m. Frazier was found unconscious in a second-floor hallway outside of their dorm room and was pronounced dead within the hour.

Ironically, days before her daughter’s death, Denise Frazier urged Dominique be transferred from the dorm and away from Simpson. The victim’s mother recalled that the two had a falling out almost immediately after being placed together. She claimed her daughter complained about the tension between she and Simpson, however when she offered to assist her in relocating to a new room, Dominique refused saying, “no mom, we’re just having words now.”

Classes were canceled on Friday, and many students attended a service and prayer circle to cope with the magnitude of the tragic event. Left to mourn, Frazier’s friend, Damial Fletcher, told The Baltimore Sun:

“It’s an eye opener. If you have a dispute, it’s not worth fighting over. Dominique lost her life over something trivial… We come to college to mature ourselves, but sometimes still act like children. She was so popular and out-going. If you were having the worst day of your life, she’d make you just laugh.”


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  • Brie

    This is such a sad story. But, I understand how real this is… I, too, had issues with my first college roommate. And, in an effort to not be “punked”, I’m sure a fight could have easily broken out between the two of us… I deal with teenagers at my church and I tell them all the time that fighting is not the answer. Yeah, in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to stop yourself from coming back at someone trying to get crazy with you. But, you just never know how it will turn out. Someone could get hurt. Or, like in this situation, someone could very well get killed without that being the intent. I’m praying for both families because I have a feeling that the little girl that is being convicted couldn’t have meant to take a life. This is something that we deal with all too much in the black community. So sad…

  • Its more to this than just an Ipod…Its a sad situation tho. Two lives are gone. AND as far as BULLYING it is alive and well, I don’t agree with taking violent actions to stop it, but I can see where a person can snap, and unfortuately terrible decisions are/can be made. I’m not making an excuse for this, but something was boiling in that young lady to drive her to do something like that (and it wasn’t just this Ipod situation) . This is so sad. Both were beautiful young ladies. My heart goes out to them both and those affected by this awful situation.

  • It could have been over something more serious, like Dr. Dre Headphones.

  • Kit

    This is why I advocate emotion regulation and self-soothing to be taught in school from a young age, then people might be able to more appropriately deal with their anger (and other difficult emotions) and wouldn’t resort to such destructive behaviours in the heat of the moment.

    This is so sad for the girl who passed away AND the girl who killed her.

  • xx

    I think the culture of the day is too permissive and people are not taught or encouraged to have self control or channel anger effectively. There’s always a handy excuse. Too often I hear people say stuff like ‘look what YOU made me do’, ‘ I couldn’t help myself’ I just snapped’. You are responsible for your own actions.
    She didn’t hit her, or punch her, she picked up a knife and ran her through and then had the presence of mind to run away. When you use a weapon on someone, its because you want to hurt them and in your mind you know they could die. You don’t get a second chance with violence. You kill someone, you go to jail, unless of course they were threatening your life. Is that the situation here?
    I have a sister who has similar issues which is perhaps why I’m less tolerant. She hasn’t killed anyone, but there’s been property damage, attacks against persons both physical and verbal, and she will blame it on ‘all she’s been through’ and crave understanding, but at the end of the day unless you are schizophrenic, its all you.