Last week Tracy Morales and her 17-year-old daughter Clerissa Loucks were arrested after Loucks sprayed two girls with pepper spray during a school fight. According to authorities, Morales gave her daughter the mace and was partly responsible for her daughter’s actions.

Morales says she gave her daughter the mace as protection. Morales and Loucks claims she was bullied at school and needed the mace to fend off her attackers. During the lunchroom altercation Loucks, who is four months pregnant, claims she used the mace in self-defense.

According to Morales: “Three females jumped her and beat her up so badly in the cafeteria the ambulance had to be called.”

Ironically, the fight broke out just before the girls were supposed to have a mediation meeting with school administrators to try to resolve the problem.

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This isn’t the first time Morales, who is 38, has been in trouble with the law. She’s been accused of poor parenting in the past and was charged with conduct detrimental to a child, which she claims stemmed from a fight in which she was defending her son.

Police have charged Morales and her daughter with criminal possession of a weapon, but Morales has no regrets because bullying is unacceptable.

“You can’t continue to bully children,” Morales told NBC. “People are dying over it. Children are committing suicide over it. And I wasn’t going to let my daughter be one of those statistics.”

What do you think? Did Tracy Morales cross the line by giving her daughter Mace? Sound off! 

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  • Clnmike

    So many things wrong here it’s not possible to say who is at greater fault. , underage pregnant teen getting bullied and jumped by three girls, a mother who has a history of questionable conduct and decision making gives her daughter mace as a way to solve her problems. The school administrators obviously didn’t have a handle on the situation but than again what more can they reasonably do with teenagers. If I had to drop the hammer on someone it haave to be those three girls who jumped a pregnant girl. That is just dirty.

  • CaramelBeauty

    I think she did the right thing. The schools are not helping the children who are bullied and this leaves the parents feeling helpless. She was helping her daughter. I ‘m glad she didn’t give her a gun, but their are kids who have resorted to taking guns to school because they are tired of being bullied. And why do these kids feel the need to bully others? More needs to be done to eliminate this problem!!!!

  • oknow

    i thought mace was legal as long as it’s under a certain amount of oz, but i guess it’s illegal if you bring it on school property.. now where the other girls arrested for bullying and jumping this girl?

    these schools are pathetic.. they need to get w/the damn program and address the bullying issue, and the lack of parental control.. parents need to control there damn kids and some should be held accountable if there kids go to school and act like animals.. both parent and child should be held responsible if it becomes a recurring problem..