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  • Musstid Seeds

    Does anyone make any regular black music anymore? Please understand that I’m Not hating on this song because I actually think it’s pretty dope with a great message. But I’m just being real when I say that sometimes the music featured on Clutch is tooooooo left field and too different. I can’t stand what’s on the radio today because they’ve totally bastardized the sound of r&b music into a techno-euro blend of soulless beats and nonsense. But when you ask for something different new and exciting, we get the earthy abstract ultra-non-mainstream stuff. What happened to regular r&b like Guy, Teddy P, Luther Vandross, Gerald LeVert, Chuckie Booker, Hi Five, New Edition. Why must you give us hamas, non sweet tea, small coffee houses, dreads and sandals (musically speaking). Just give us regular good black music. What’s so hard?

    This is directly to the A&R folks at Clutch. Please Please Please challenge yourself to look beyond the ultra neo soul brand of abstract music that the majority of people DO NOT enjoy. Most folks don’t comment because they would rather keep their comments to themselves. Please do a better job at finding better music to feature and enjoy. I don’t who the tea drinking sandal wearing earthy person you have looking for new music, but please tell said person to open up their pallet to include some more traditional sounding r&b music such as the artist that I’ve already mentioned,

    Thank You

    Loyal Reader.

    • feri

      There is no such thing as “regular black music”. I personally love this stuff and I’m sure there are many out there that do as well even though I haven’t taken a survey, but I doubt you have either… so I think the statement about most people not enjoying this is a little bold and closed minded.

      I actually think the type of music you are looking for is pretty easy to find… maybe Clutch is trying to expose artists who are doing things a little differently. If your looking for traditional r&b you can always actually listen to the old stuff, there are entire radio stations devoted to it, or you can Pandora any one of those artists and multitudes of similar will come up (old and new). Or maybe you could consider opening up your own pallet? I’m sure there are others who, like myself, who enjoy listening to multiple genres of music.

    • Piano Fan

      In what way does this sound like anything on the radio? Djembe, Jazz Scat vocals in places, classical guitar, electric guitar, jazz piano piano at the end. Did you listen to the song? This is incredible.

    • Pearlsrevealed

      Go to Amazon music or CD Baby and search for your favorite artist from the late 90’s. You will discover some of these artist are STILL making new music. They rarely make videos & they don’t get radio time but some are still making music. i have concluded it is not the A&R but the radio. Most radio stations are now corporate owned and cater to a small demographic.

  • Thanks for this great musical interlude for my Saturday morning! It’s an empowering message that I made sure to share with my women friends (and some of the men, too).

    This song will definitely be added to my playlist.

  • Pearlsrevealed