Something happened last night that initially had folks in utter shock & awe. Reports from Las Vegas to Phoenix all confirm that something very bright blasted through the sky last night. reports that some described the UFO as a ball of fire. Most called it green, while others said it started as a small white dot before morphing into yellow then green. Whatever it was, it left observers absolutely star struck.

One San Dimas resident told the Desert Sun, “I have never seen anything this huge enter the earth’s atmosphere, nor have I ever witnessed one so bright and colorful that lasted for so long. It was at least four or five seconds!”

@kelliebrat61 tweeted, “First an #earthquake this morning and now a #meteor tonight. Riverside CA is hopping with activity today… Mama Nature getting her groove on!”

Los Angeles FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said the reports were not related to any aircraft activity. So the question is: What was it that ish? Meteorologist Curt Kaplan of the National Weather Service in Oxnard told The LA Times, “It’s probably just an isolated meteor that shot from the west to east.” Speculation exists that it may have been NASA’s UARS satellite, which is set to reenter the atmosphere sometime this month. Either that or just random space debris.

There’s been no reports on damage due to impact so the official word remains that a near-earth meteorite entered our atmosphere for a spell on Wednesday night. Naturally, there’s one other possibility that wasn’t discussed as the source of the mysterious light, but the notion of extraterrestrials in our stratosphere is sheer nonsense…right?

Glimpse the UFO for yourselves:

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  • Are You Serious Bro

    Did anybody notice in the video how it started as one light, and then split off into two. That is some weird stuff.

  • Dee

    OMG! Me and my little sister saw something like that near Quantico! We thought we were both crazy!

  • Chrissy

    I mean I believe in UFOs. It’s not that far fetched to me. If you look outside of Earth then you will see that there is so much more. The earth is just only a piece of the Universe. Just because humans cannot exist other placed does that mean other ‘people’ cant?