College Envy


Did you/do you ever feel like you ended up at the wrong school? Did you accept a scholarship to a state university, though Spelman was in your heart? Or, perhaps you thought the HBCU experience was all you ever wanted…until you visited a friend at a larger school and felt that your campus was lacking?

Personally, I wanted to go to Howard so bad that I was not even able to consider life at another college. I didn’t know what I would do if I didn’t make it in. Yet, when I visited NYU’s campus a few years after, I couldn’t help but to think back to that tiny little piece of me who wanted to have Theo Huxtable’s super-sophisticated ‘hanging in the Village’ collegiate life. So I may occasionally hate  on the little hipster kids running around the school from time to time. Just a wee little bit.

For those of you who are still in college, its not too late to make the big switch. I had a number of classmates at Howard who came in after even three years at other colleges because they really, really wanted to be at ‘The Mecca’; there were also those who never found their way at HU and moved on to what they felt to be greener pastures. If you’ve already graduated, there’s the possibility of attending a graduate program at the school. Or, you can be like a stage mom and force your kids to go there and live out your dreams for you…okay, I’m kidding. I’m forcing my kids into Howard anyway, duh.

Did you Clutch folks enjoy your college experience? Or did you have a little regret about your choice? If you had to do it all again…would you be at the same school? 

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